Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Letter to My Children on Father's Day

Dear Brantley, Grayson, and Bennett, 

I am one lucky mama to be able to be a stay at home mommy and each and every day with the three of you. Playing with you, teaching you, and learning with you, these are the highlights of my day.  I enjoy every moment, watching you hit milestones, watching you grow and develop, and change, right before my eyes.

But I want you to know something.  There is one very special person that makes this dream of mine come true each and every day.  It's your Daddy.

Daddy works so very hard every day.  Long hours, a tiring commute, and he usually works even more after the three of you go to bed.  He works so hard for us, to support us, and provide for us.  Daddy works hard so that we can go on fun beach vacations, have lunch playdates at Chick Fil A, and so that you can get new shoes when the ones you have are too small.  

Daddy works hard to show the three of you that we are responsible for ourselves and for our families.  He wants you to learn the value of a dollar, and wants to show you what success you can achieve through a strong work ethic.

We are so blessed to have Daddy in our lives.  He makes us laugh everyday, reads you stories before bed, and even plays the Big Bad Wolf when you want to pretend to be the Little Piggies!  He stomps on the bugs for us (thank goodness!), takes out the trash and cuts the grass, and does lots of things to help Mommy too. It would be really, really hard to do all the fun things that we get to do if it weren't for Daddy.  Plus, it wouldn't be nearly as fun if he wasn't around to chase you and pretend to be the monster/dragon/spider/dinosaur!

So, since today is Father's Day, let's make sure we show Daddy how special he is.  Let's give him lots of hugs and kisses, and maybe we can make him breakfast together and let him sleep in.  We can show Daddy the same kind of love that he shows us each day.

You, my sweet children, are the absolute light of my life.  And your Daddy is the love of my life.  Without your Daddy, I wouldn't have the most beautiful blessings in the entire world, the three of you.  So for that fact alone, he is certainly worth celebrating.  But beyond that, he is the kind of Daddy that I dreamed you would have; the kind of Daddy that all children deserve.  And how lucky you three are to have him to love you, care for you, support you everyday.  Watch him closely, my loves, because he has much to teach you and as far as role models go, he will be one of the best.

The only thing better than having him as my husband is having him as your Daddy.  I never knew how much I loved your Daddy until I saw how much he loves the three of you.  So let's make sure that we show him how special he is today, and how much we love him.  Then, let's keep the Daddy-love going for every day after.

Your Daddy is one of a kind.  And we are so blessed that he is ours.

All My Love, 


We love you so much, Scott.  Thank you for making my dreams come true every single day and for giving me three of the most beautiful gifts that any woman could ever imagine.  You are such an amazing Daddy to our children and I am so proud to be your wife.  Happy Father's Day. XOXO

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