Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello Again, Friends!  

Wednesday is again upon us, the day that I like to share the outfits I've worn the past week, in an effort to encourage myself and others to get up, get dressed, and get out of the yoga pants!  I'm linking up with Lindsey at the What I Wore Wednesday link party on her blog, The Pleated Poppy.

I don't feel like I got so creative this week with my outfits.  I went pretty basic, but then again, what's so wrong with that?  We were very busy (and until about the second week in July, will continue to be busy!), so basic was easy.  And at least better than yoga pants!

Layering my necklaces was about as crazy as I got with this outfit.  But I love this lightweight chevron striped skirt, and any opportunity to wear my fave Target wedges is good by me!

White Scoop T- Gap
Black and White Chevron Striped Skirt- Wal Mart 
Black and Brown Wedges- Target
Long Mom Charm Necklace- Stella & Dot
Three's a Charm Necklace (so appropriate for me!)- Stella & Dot

Again, very basic.  But, this was definitely on purpose.  I wore this simple gray v neck t and cropped white denim to Brantley's Water Day at school, celebrating their last day!  And knowing that I was going to wear Bennett in the bjorn all morning, and chasing around Grayson too, I wanted simple.  This totally fit the bill.  And was pretty much covered up by the bjorn anyway. :)

Gray T- Target
White Cropped Jeans- Gap
Nude and Orange Gladiator Sandals- Gap 
Long Mom Necklace- Stella & Dot

And my little creative director wanted in on the photos too!  Brantley said, "Mom!  Mom!  Take my picture!"  Brantley is forever in the dining room with me when I am quickly trying to take my pictures for these posts, and always telling me what to do!  "Mommy!  Put your hands on your hips!  Mommy!  Do this {as she jumps up, twisting and turning}!  Mom!  Bend over and touch your toes! (I'll spare you from that one, ha!)"  She is so funny and so sassy (can you tell from this photo?!  Jeez!), and I just had to include her today. :)

Yellow Whale T- Carters
Turquoise Knit Capris- Rabbit Skins
Huge White Hairbow- Kid to Kid

Let me start out by saying something.  Me and shorts?  We are not the best of friends.  I love shorts on other people, but for me and my thunder thighs, I just have a hard time finding ones that fit well that I am comfortable in.  I pretty much buy them out of necessity because there are just some places and situations that skirts and dresses just don't work.  I wore this outfit on Grayson's birthday, where we spent half of the day at the park.  Picnicking with three children under 4 at the park by yourself is no easy task in a skirt!  So shorts it was.  But these are actually long enough and roomy enough, and a fun color to boot!  And only $14!!  It was a little overcast, so I jazzed up my colorblocked outfit with a floral scarf and felt cute for my girly's birthday!

Orange Top- Michael Kors from Macy's
Floral Scarf- Old Navy
Turquoise Shorts- Wal Mart 
Nude and Orange Gladiator Sandals- Gap

Happy Birthday to me!  We had a pretty low key day for my birthday, plus it was storming all morning, but I wanted to at least wear something cute to church and lunch!  You can't tell in this picture, but this white shift is a pretty eyelet, which I am just a sucker for.  I wanted to wear my new yellow necklace, so I subbed out the red patent leather belt that came with it for a gold braided one off another dress, and added my yellow wedges.  The perfect outfit for brightening up a dreary day!

I absolutely cannot resist a colorful statement necklace!  But seriously, I need to quit opening the daily emails from Groop Dealz, Very Jane, Sassy Steals, etc., etc., etc...I am going to go broke!  At least I'll have some colorful jewelry, I guess!

Big, chunky gold bracelet?  Check.

And though I don't wear these wedges all that often, I love the sunny color!

White Eyelet Dress- Belk
Gold Braided Belt- old, off another dress
Yellow Dewdrop Necklace- Etsy 
Chunky Gold Bracelet- Stella & Dot
Yellow Wedges- Etienne Aigner from Macy's

And these next few pictures of my last outfit should be titled What I Wore Wednesday: Keeping it Real. :)  Gracie and Bennett were all about being in my pictures and they were just so cute that I couldn't help but keep laughing at them and keep them in the pics.  When I take pictures for these posts, 9 out of 10 of the pictures I take look like these; Ben crawling through, Gracie walking up to look right into the camera lens, or Brantley's head bobbing into the frame as she's directing me! :)  The life of a mama. :) :)

Let me also say that if you asked me 5 years ago if I would ever wear as much from Wal Mart as I do now, I would laugh in your face.  But seriously, they have some really cute things, and I just cannot pass up $8 tops and $10 jeggings!!!  Call me cheap, call me tacky.  But I'm betting that if I didn't tell you this outfit was from Wal Mart, that you would never assume so!  These jeggings are SO comfortable, and I love the longer length on this racerback tank.  Certainly as comfy as yoga pants and a t shirt, but brighter and cuter!

White Tank with Yellow Enbroidery- Wal Mart
Turquoise Jeggings- Wal Mart
Nude Sandals- Gap 

I hope you enjoyed looking through these pics this week, and especially the ones of my "fashion team." :)  As always, I'll be linking up with Lindsey at Pleated Poppy!  Hop over and take a look!

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  1. i love the last paragraph, because the entire time i was thinking, "walmart?! why have i never looked there!!" i love all your walmart finds and think they're super cute! the last outfit is my favorite. maybe one of these days i'll be brave enough to link up. or just get dressed. :)

    1. Thank you, Amy! And it seriously took me months to work up the courage to link up! But now I love it, and there are a lot of nice and very supportive people who encourage me! :)


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