Thursday, May 30, 2013

THE Conversation

The conversation, verbatim, that Brantley and I had in the car the other day...

Completely out of the blue...
Brantley- Daddy put Bennett in your tummy, right, Mommy?
Me- {Picking my jaw up off the seat} Yes, that's right, Brantley.
Brantley- Well, how did he put Bennett in your tummy?  You don't have any holes or doors on your tummy.
Me- {Speechless}  Umm... {Trying to think of something age appropriate on the fly...}
Brantley- Did he make you laugh?
Me- {I am dying laughing at this point} Yes, Brantley, Daddy made me laugh.
Brantley- Tell me!  Tell me!  What did he say?
Me- Oh, Brantley, it's something special between mommies and daddies.
Brantley- Oh.  Will I know when I'm a big girl like you?
Me- Yes, sweetie, you'll know when you're a big girl like Mommy. 
Brantley- So, when I'm 16?
Me- Well, hopefully when you're older than 16.  When you're like Mommy.
Brantley- Oh.  Okay.  Can we get some french fries?
Me- Lord, yes, let's go get some french fries.
{Hoping that I'm better prepared for this conversation when it comes around again in a few years... :)}

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