Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Super Mom Club

From Mother Letters
I post a lot about the things I do with my children, my crafts and DIY projects, my sewing, recipes, etc., etc., etc. 
But more often than not, like the quote says above, I feel like I'm failing.  I make Easy Mac for the kids for lunch.  I yell at them and lose my patience when I'm the one that's tired and frustrated.  I don't shower.  For days.  I can't even wash my hands in the sink because the dirty dishes are in the way.  LITERALLY (Like, as we speak).  And I feel like I am failing as a mother. 
All. The. Time.
Yet, Brantley told me last Monday that "jammie day is my favorite day of the week."  Just so you know, "Jammie Day" is my "we're-not-leaving-the-house-today-except-maybe-to-go-through-the-Chick-Fil-A-drive-thru-for-lunch-so-why-change-the-kids-out-of-their-pajamas-and-give-myself-more-laundry-to-do" day.  And they get so excited when I tell them that tonight will be "movie night," which is code for "2-hours-of-semi-free-time-for-mama-who-just-wants-a-few-minutes-to-sit-down-and-rest-her-eyes."  Those moments that I feel like I should be getting them dressed and ready for the day, and those times that I feel like I should be doing an educational activity with them, they are completely enjoying. 
My kids think I am a SUPER MOM.
People comment or tell me a lot of the time, "With all the things you manage, you are such a "Super Mom."  And YES.  I am not ashamed to say that, YES.  YES, I AM A SUPER MOM.
Super Moms get their kids up and ready for school when they would typically still be sleeping.
Super Moms work 40 hours a week and then make time for stroller walks and trips to the park and grocery store runs when they are literally aching, they are so tired.
Super Moms scour Pinterest for summer learning ideas because they don't want their kids to get behind and bored in between school years.
Super Moms wake up every three hours to administer Motrin and/or Tylenol when febrile seizures are looming.
Super Moms join playdate groups when they move to new towns to make sure their kids make new friends.
Super Moms take their babies to music class after work just to make sure they're exposed to and learning everything they possibly can.
Super Moms put their own unwashed hair back in baseball caps, but make sure their little girls have clean, brushed hair and a bow that matches their outfit everyday.
Super Moms work, even when they'd give their left arm to be a stay at home mom, because they know it's best for the family.
Super Moms break down and cry sometimes because being a Super Mom is equally as hard as it is beautiful.
Super Moms make lists and pack their kids all week for beach vacations, and throw their own bag together the night before.
Super Moms yell at their kids out of frustration, and then apologize and ask for forgiveness, teaching them that mommy makes mistakes too.
Super Moms work get-togethers around naptime, so friend and family time can be enjoyed with rested kids.
The little things are what make us Super Moms.  It's not the businesses we run, the clothes we sew, or the activities we plan.  It's not the projects we complete, the homes we decorate, the meals we cook, or the photos we post on Facebook.
It's the boo-boos we kiss.
It's the hugs we give.
It's the tea parties we sit in on.
It's the tee ball games we cheer for.
It's the Mama's Night Outs that we miss when our babies are sick.
It's the notes we secretly place in lunchboxes. 
We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best moms, the mom that the other moms envy.  The moms that can do it all, the moms with the prettiest houses, and the best style, and the most successful husband, and the cutest hair, and the best educational ideas, and the healthiest dinners.
Super Moms are not perfect.  They just try to be the best moms they can be. 
And don't we all do that?
So if at any time you feel like you are failing, be reminded that YOU ARE NOT FAILING.
In the eyes of your children, you are a Super Mom.
All our kids want is love and attention, time and care. 
If you are giving those things to your children, then as far as I'm concerned,
Welcome to the Club.
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  1. Love this. One of my favorite posts you've written to date. Xoxo.

    1. Yay, thank you so much! I was inspired by all the Super Moms I know, you included! :)

  2. Thanks!! I really needed this!! Love you bunches!!!

    1. Thanks Kelly!! Love you bunches too. :) :)

  3. Made me tear up. Hugs and kisses to you, Super Mom!


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