Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

This is Brantley's last week of preschool, so summer is certainly upon us!  Which also means it's time to compile our seasonal bucket list!
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I can't wait to plan some fun activities for this summer.  Last summer I had great intentions, but being very pregnant during a very hot summer, and having to be off my feet for a lot of the time, we just weren't able to do much.  BUT, this summer will be a different story! 
So here are some of the ideas I have for fun things to do this summer.  I printed out these cute "50 Days of Summer Fun" lists to frame and add our fun activities to.  Maybe we'll do everything, maybe we won't, maybe we'll add things to the list, but at least we'll have no excuse for just sitting around being bored!
1. Plant a Garden
2. Go to the Zoo
3. Make Homemade Ice Cream
4. Go on a Picnic
5. Write Letters to the Grandparents
6. Go to the Aquarium
7. Make a Birdfeeder
8. Go to the Beach
9. Have Breakfast for Dinner
10. Have a Home Spa Day
11. Go to the Drive In Movies
12. Make Popsicles
13. Take Swim Lessons (Again!)
14. Go to a Baseball Game
15. Go Swimming
16. Color with Sidewalk Chalk
17. Go to the Park
18. Make Homemade Salsa
19. Backyard Pool
20. Have a Day at Stone Mountain
21. Go to INK
22. Build Sandcastles
23. Go on a Bike Ride
24. Make Banana Splits
25. Watch a Parade
26. Pick Strawberries
27. Play in the Sprinklers
28. Tie Dye T Shirts
29. Make Smoothies
30. Go to a Splash Park
31. Backyard Bowling
32. Go to Catch Air/Monkey Joe's
33. Finger Paint
34. Camp Out in a Tent
35. Go to Library Story Time
36. Blow Bubbles
37. Make Coke Floats
38. Go to the Farmer's Market
39. Make Homemade Pizza
40. Host a Cookout
41. Go to the Movie Theater
42. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt
43. Eat Watermelon
44. Go to the Children's Museum
45. Have Outside Story Time
46. Make Crowns
47. Make S'mores
48.  Have a Fondue Dinner
49. Shaving Cream Slip & Slide
50. Go Out for a Donut Breakfast
What are you doing this summer?  Anything fun, new and different?  What should I add to my list?
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