Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brantley's Prayer Journal

The cover of Brantley's Prayer Journal
I few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending "Moments with Mom," a Mom's only night at Brantley's preschool. It was a wonderful program, giving us a night out to enjoy chatting with other moms, celebrating the impact moms make in the lives of our children, viewing the darling preschool artwork made by our children, and generally empowering us and encouraging us as mothers.  I was so nice, and one of the MANY reasons I love the preschool we chose to send Brantley (and Grayson will attend next year!). 
Preschool arts and crafts made by our children are some of the most precious pieces of them that we can hold onto as they grow up and change and develop (no matter how much we wish they wouldn't!), and one of my very favorites is this sweet Prayer Journal that Brantley made in her class with the help of her sweet teachers.
Below are the pages of Brantley's darling 3 year old prayers, as written by her teachers.
Thank you for loving me.  I can show others Jesus loves me by being kind to others.

I like to play with baby dolls and boxes. 
*I guess it's good to talk to God about the everyday things in life too.*

I am thankful for the food you give me.  Thank you for hot dogs and food for the birds.
*Ever the animal lover, not forgetting the birds.* :)

I like to play with daddy.
*She needed an illustration with this prayer.*

I like to play with my babies and puppies at my house.
I bought some Rubbermaid filing boxes for each child, for housing jewels like this precious Prayer Journal, because Lord knows I'll never be able to part with sweet things like this.
Here are some other pieces that were on display at Moments with Mom:

Me and Monkey, as Brantley told me :)
LOVE her answers!!

Sweet Family Tree

Child of God Butterfly Bag

Sweet little poem and her priceless handprints

My big girl
 I looked at Brantley the other night as she was sleeping, and I nearly started to cry because I just can't believe how fast time is passing and that she's almost four.  I'm so thankful that I have her sweet prayer journal and these other pieces to remind me of her kind, innocent, sassy, loving little three year old self, as she grows up.
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