Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brantley and Grayson's Fairy Garden Tea Party

This past Saturday, we celebrated our girls' birthdays (Grayson turned 2 on May 17th, and Brantley turns 4 on June 11th) with a combined birthday party, a Fairy Garden Tea Party.  It ended up being the most gorgeous day, and we had so many wonderful family and friends join us for the celebration.  It was a memorable day for the girls, and so much fun!!

  First, the invitations!  I created the invitations and all the other paper goods myself.  I looked and looked on Etsy and other places and just couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, especially since I was celebrating two little fairies!  I made one "sign template" that I used for the invitations, then I used that same template over and over for signs, food label cards and other things.  I also made some cute little thank you notes to use afterwards! 

**Printable links for ALL paper goods at the bottom of the post!

I used a pink, lavender, green, white and red color theme (as you can see above), and I thought it worked really well outdoors. So, onto the party pictures!  First, all the decor.

A little "Welcome Table" that led from the backyard up to the deck where all the food was
One of my beloved succulent gardens was overtaken by fairies!
Just a little side table on the deck with more fairy gardens and succulents
The fairy gardens were so fun to make with the girls
Some of my favorite flowers, hydrangeas!  Their pot became a fairy playground. :)
More succulents overtaken by fairies :)

Don't fairies need a treehouse?  Of course they do!

Then, there was one of my very favorite parts of the entire party, the dress up canopy.

My mom helped me make the canopy, using a hula hoop covered in white tulle and white satin ribbon.  We tucked sprigs of flowers into the wrapped ribbon and hung it from a tree branch.  It definitely added to the ethereal fairy feel!  At the dress up canopy, the little girl guests could choose a tutu, pair of fairy wings, and a flower crown to wear at the party and take home with them!  The boys had a garden gnome hat and beard to wear and take with them (the boys had some fairy wings to wear too, if they so chose!  But no one did)!! I hung up my very favorite antique mirror too, so the little fairies could admire their outfits!

Since by 4 years old, it's fun for kids to have some sort of activities at parties, I wanted to include some fairy crafts.  We have a little gazebo-like structure (we call it the playhouse) that my dad built, and it was our Fairy Craft Station.
The Playhouse!

I made the bunting out of oilcloth so I could leave it out all the time!

I displayed Brantley and Grayson's One Year Photos in the Playhouse too.  This is Grayson...

...and Brantley!
I had seen the "Fairies in a Jar" idea on Pinterest, and thought about making them as favors, but when I made a "test" one, I realized they faded relatively quickly, and couldn't really make them in advance.  So I thought they'd be a fun craft!  All you do is cut open a glow stick and pour all the contents into a jar (I used baby food jars, and painted and glittered-up the lids!), add some fine glitter and shake.  It makes the jar glow and glimmer!  Fairies in a jar!

The other craft was for our little fairies and gnomes to "Paint a Fairy House."  This was a very popular station!  I wish I had gotten a picture, but we had a lovely little collection of brightly painted and glittered fairy houses by the end of the party!  Best thing I did with both of these crafts was to lay down craft paper over the little tables.  While I really did it just to protect the tables, it made for very easy cleanup with what could've been two very messy projects.

Another little fairy garden, but inhabited by a nice little gnome. :)

I've gotten great use out of this chalkboard!

And then, my most favorite part, the Tea Party Table.

My dad is an amazing woodworker, and though it's not on display as it should be in the party pictures, he made this table for Brantley and Grayson for their birthdays.  When my mom and dad asked me what the girls wanted for their birthdays, I told them that since they both love to draw and color and create, I thought an art table would be a great idea.  They have a little table and chairs in their playroom, but they use it in their kitchen, and it's usually covered with "dinner" or being used for their own tea parties.  And I looked and looked on Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod, but a lot of their furniture is just really expensive for kids.  So my dad made this for the girls, and they love it.  And how special will it be for them down the road to fight over  have a table that their grandfather made for them?!  Actually, I may have to just keep it. :)

I used an antique quilt for a tablecloth, and a tree stump as the centerpiece.  I found this sweet petite antique tea set at the same little shop I found the quilt.  That was a good antiquing day. :)  I added some glass bottles that I wrapped with scrapbook paper and tied with twine, and just filled them with sticks and the leftover flower sprigs from the dress up canopy.  I thought the table looked darling. 

For the food tables, I kept everything up on the deck in the shade.

I made a little backdrop that sat up on the food table, with Brantley and Grayson's things that they love for this year.  I also added little food label cards beside each item.

We served:
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches
Sweet Cake Tea Sandwiches (Pound Cake with Raspberry Jam)
Garden Snails (Pigs in a Blanket)
Garden Roughage (Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Tomatoes and a Pickle in a Cup with Ranch Dressing)
Fruit Fairy Wands (Grapes and a Watermelon Star on a Skewer)
Gnome Lunch Kabobs (ham, cheese and tomato on a stick)
Fairy Cakes (Cupcakes)
Petit Fours

See?  I used the same sign template for the food labels and just shrunk them to "wallet size" for printing!

Drink Station 

 For drinks, in the beverage dispensers, we had Citrus Water and "Fairy Punch," which was Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Sherbet and Ginger Ale.  The Fairy Punch also served as the "tea" at the Tea Party!  We also had waters, soft drinks and "adult beverages" in coolers.

Now, onto the good stuff!  The party!!  But first, my beautiful birthday fairies!

My Brantley Girl :)

My Darling Gracie :)

Though I make children's clothes, I didn't want the added pressure of making the girls' outfits for their party.  So I bought these darling tutu dresses from Katrina of Two Moms on Etsy, and she did not disappoint!  Add a pair of fairy wings, a flower hairclip (I did make those) and some jellies, and I had my two birthday fairies. :)

Pop and Ben :)

Daddy got in the gnome spirit! :)

And so did Ben! :)  I did make his little outfit. :)

Brantley and cousin Banks ruled the Fairy House Painting Table!

Banks put a lot of concentration into his work!
Cousin Raleigh loved walking her baby!

Little Fairy Laney!

Bammy and Baby Fairy Sally Kate! :)

Gracie was giving Sally Kate some fairy cousin kisses!

Pop and Ben got some good quality time in. :)

Gracie was telling Uncle Ramsey some fairy secrets.

Lauren and her precious little red-headed gnome, Matt!

So we chatted and crafted for a bit, and then it was tea party time!  To be honest, I wasn't sure how the tea party part would go.  I knew my girls would love it, and I was just crossing my fingers the other kids, especially the boys, would enjoy it.  But I think everyone loved it!!  Besides a few of the little gnomes and fairies falling out of their chairs, all I heard was, "can I have more tea?" and "more tea, please!"  It was just adorable.  And you should have seen and heard all the flashes and clicks from the momarazzi!!

Gracie was serious about her tea drinking!!

They were all so sweet and just ate their little cupcakes and drank their tea so nicely!

After the tea party, I had one more little activity, a Fairy Treasure Hunt!  I wrote a little poem with clues for finding 5 very special fairy treasures that our "kind garden fairies" had left the kids ( I cannot for the life of me, locate my notebook with the poem in it, but as soon as I do, I'll add it in case anyone would like to use it!).  

Our sweet fairies left the kids the following things to find on the hunt:
Fairy Bubbles
Magic Stones (those smooth, iridescent, marble-like stones for floral arrangements)
Pixie Sticks
Fairy Dust (I bought little glass vials and filled them with glitter)
Fairy Wands

And each child had a little bucket to collect their treasures in, and also was another take-home treat!

I think the hunt was a hit!  The kids loved running from each treasure to the next!

After the treasure hunt, the party winded down, we sang happy birthday, and served Brantley and Grayson their birthday cake!

I had some Pin-spiration, but instead of the four layer cake I saw, I gave myself a break and made a simple two-layer white cake with buttercream frosting.  I topped it with berries (as requested by the birthday girls), strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  I won't lie, I thought it was pretty yummy!
After cake, everyone just hung around, sat on quilts, chatted, let the babies run around, and enjoyed the beautiful day and each other's company.

Love this pic of two of the Luton Ladies!

One tired fairy!!!

PaDaddy and his flower crown :) :)

Swinging with Bammy

Another tired fairy!

Pretty mamas and darling babies on the blanket

Grayson couldn't get enough painting!

Ben was smitten with one of the pretty fairies! :)
The party was a great success, but more importantly, it was a wonderful day celebrating my two sweet girls, that truly are (with their brother too, of course :)) my heart.  It was so special to see so many of our friends and family that traveled hours to come see us and celebrate with us.  

Thank you to everyone that came, and for your gifts, your company, and your love.  I think two little fairies (that crashed earlier than normal :)) had a wonderful time!!

***Printable Links:
These are all jpg's and can be printed just like a photo!  I printed 8x10's of some of the bigger signs, 5x7's of the treasure hunt signs and craft station signs, and printed the food labels and the favor tags as wallet sized.   Right click and save, and print away!  Enjoy!

I put this on our front door and closed the garage door so guests would come around to the front and somebody didn't have to stay inside to answer the door!

Favor Tags

Thank You Notes
This is the Blank Sign Template.  You can either open it in a photo editing software/site and add your own text, or print it off as-is and write in anything you'd like!
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  1. Love your fairy party and the printables, great job! I am having trouble downloading the editable Blank Template sign. Everytime I click on it just asks me if I want to pin it (already done that, lol). I am sure I am doing something wrong. I would love to use the printable for my daughter's upcoming fairy party. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  2. Awesome party! Lots of inspiration! Where did you get the little wooden houses to decorate? Thanks!!


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