Thursday, May 2, 2013


A random fun post, borrowed from my friend Amy of Total Tippins Takeover.  In an effort to share some more about myself, here are some things I always, sometimes and never do:
I Always...
...stay up WAY too late.  Since I don't get up before my kids, the quiet time after they go to bed (and after Scott goes to bed too, ha!) is mama time.  And I love that time to myself.
...wear lipstick.  Even around the house, with no shower, in my jammies, I at least through on some Berry Sparkle lip gloss. :)  My current fave is Ruby Flame from Loreal, that Scott put in my Christmas stocking!  He knows me well. :)
...miss my kids after they go to bed.  No matter how much they misbehaved that day or how much I was looking forward to their bedtime, I always miss them, go in and check on them, and cuddle with them before I go to bed.
...keep my notebook and pen on my nightstand.  My mind races when I lay down to go to sleep, and I have to be able to write out lists or write down my thoughts or I'll never fall asleep.
...tear up when we watch reruns of Braves first baseman Sid Bream sliding into home to win the 1992 NCLS against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Every. Single. Time.  I remember watching it with my family, and my dad was in the floor sliding right with 'ole Sid. :)  Watch it yourself here.  It never gets old.
...over pack for trips.  I bring probably 2-3 outfits per day.  I just always want to be prepared for whatever  we may be doing! 
I Sometimes...
...have a huge glass of milk before bed.  And maybe an Oreo.  Or 5. super scary shows like Hannibal and The Followers on TV, even though they terrify me.  But for some reason, serial killers fascinate me.  I even used to have a book called The Serial Killer Encyclopedia!  So weird, I know.  But since having kids, I have a really hard time watching or reading stuff like that. Jeopardy and play along against Scott.  We really get into it, and yell the answers, and argue about who answered first.  It is highly competitive since we are both trivia nerds. 
...have to rewash clothes because I forget them in the washer for a week.  Ooops.
...stay in the car in the driveway if Bennett is napping and Grayson is watching a movie, rather than having to upset them both and go inside the house!  It's a bit of quiet time for me in the front seat, and I don't mind a bit. :)
 ...start to cry when I hear Brantley sing, because it is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.
I Never...
...iron clothes.  If Scott needs something ironed, we send it to the dry cleaners!  Same for me.  I abhor ironing, mostly because every time I've tried to do it, I spend all this time ironing a dress or pair of pants only to have it still look all wrinkly when I'm done.  We do have an iron, but I only use it when I'm pressing seams out when I'm making clothes! to drive with Scott in the car.  He makes me so nervous, like I'm taking a drivers exam!
 ...turn down cheese dip.
...get up when my alarm goes off.  I snooze for about a half hour.  I actually set my alarm early to have time for hitting snooze.
...can get through the book I'll Love You Forever without crying my eyes out.  I mean, ugggggly crying.  So I just don't read it to the kids.  Ever.
...wear all the clothes I pack for trips. :)
So that's my list...what are some things you always, sometimes and never do?
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  1. Love these. And totally agree...hearing your baby's sweet voice singing is one of the greatest sounds on earth...rivaled only by the sounds of sweet siblings laughing together. :)

    1. Absolutely! :) That's another good one: I always love heating my babies playing and laughing together! :)


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