Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

So here is my third installment of What I Wore Wednesday! 
I have started to join the link up over at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. If you're unfamiliar, here's how Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy puts it, in her own words:
"i started this linky long ago to simply push myself to get dressed every day. the act of photographing my daily outfits pushed me out of the sweat-pants-rut and into real clothes. over the years i have slowly become more comfortable with trying new things, more color, and fun accessories. if you’re in a lull, join up and see what amazing changes will happen!"
I will tell you, that the past three weeks that I have been documenting my outfits on a weekly basis have been very rewarding!  Not only do I feel better about how I look and how I'm presenting myself to the world, but I am actually getting to wear a lot of the things that were hanging unworn in my closet, and I'm getting more and more creative with different outfit combinations.  I'm certainly more productive when I get dressed, do my hair and put makeup on (I'm still doing it in the car, people, baby steps), and productivity is also a mood and confidence booster for me. 
So join up this week!  See how it makes you feel!  There are a lot of wonderful, supportive, and inspiring women that link up too!
Outfit 1, errand running and then home, doing about 8 loads of laundry (it nevvvvvvvveeeeeeeeer ends...).  Running errands consisted of preschool pickup and drop off, grocery shopping, and this outfit fit the bill.  Basic t (long length, my fave), polka dot skinnies, and gold flip flops.  The necklace stayed on only throughout the errand running, since Bennett thinks it's hilarious to grab it and yank as hard as his chubby, seven-month-old arms can (which is pretty dang hard).  I didn't care to be strangled for the rest of the day, and I figured the girls wouldn't mind if I went sans statement necklace for the remainder of the day. :)
Red and Oatmeal Striped T- WalMart! $8!
Polka Dot Skinny Jeans- Target
Gold Flip Flops- Old Navy
Turquoise Bauble Necklace- EBay
This picture cracks me up because Brantley (photo bombing on the right) is not supposed to drink Coke.  But she took advantage of Mommy's lack of attention on her and stole my Coke while I was taking my picture!  Caught and busted on camera!
I am a HUGE fan of maxi dresses, and especially bought several last summer when I was pregnant with Bennett (in regular sizes, not maternity, hoping I could wear them this year!  Here's to planning ahead!). I have had this black one from Forever 21 for several years, and have worn it through all three pregnancies, and it is still doing the job.  It is way too long, though, and I have yet to just hem the bottom.  Sometimes I tie it in a knot, and sometimes (like this particular day) I just wear tall platform sandals with it. :)

And, I'm going to try to get better close-ups on particularly cute accessories, so I thought I'd get a better shot of my turquoise necklace.  Another piece that I've had for a long time (I think it predates Scott!), and adds a bit of summer and a bit of color to basic black and chambray. That's one thing you may notice about my wardrobe and outfits; for the most part, my clothes are pretty basic.  Lots of classic patterns (stripes, polka dots, etc) and solids, and then colorful accessories.  I particularly like buying accessories when you're "in transition" as I like to call it.  If you're pregnant, or losing baby weight, or just losing weight in general, it can be discouraging to buy a bunch of clothes that (you're hoping) won't fit one you're back to your normal weight.  But if you just buy a few basic pieces, then lots of cute trendy and inexpensive accessories, you won't spend as much on clothes that won't fit in a few months, but will still look on-trend.  Plus, accessories (with the exception of belts) will always fit, so you can wear them while "in transition" and also when you're back to normal!  Win-Win!
Black Maxi Dress- Forever 21
Chambray Button Up- Belk
Black Straw Wedges- Banana Republic
Turquoise Necklace- Atlanta Apparel Mart
I wore this to Moments for Mom, a little annual evening event at Brantley's preschool.  It's an evening to celebrate the moms of preschoolers, and unlike Desserts with Dad, when Scott went with Brantley to school for an event, Moments with Mom is a night away from the family.  Moms only!  It was a wonderful event, and we had amazing desserts and coffee, were able to sit and chat with other moms in Brantley's class, and listen to a wonderful program that emphasized how important we as moms are, and how important it is to be appreciated and take time out to honor ourselves.  Amen!  It was a fantastic break, and I had a great time with Brantley's incredible preschool teachers, and the other wonderful mommies of her preschool friends. :)
As far as the outfit...I am very particular about the lengths of dresses I wear.  I am absolutely and completely uncomfortable if I think a dress that I'm wearing is too short.  I love this little eyelet shift, but I have had it about two years, and this is only my second time wearing it because I just think it's about an inch too short for me.  But I put it over my coral jeggings and wore it more as a tunic, and I loved it!  Add some platforms, a homemade belt, and some Stella & Dot bangles, and I was off to enjoy a Mom's Night Out!
Cream Eyelet Dress- Belk
Coral Jeggings- WalMart
Fabric Rosette Belt- Made by Me!
Brown Buckle Platform Sandals- Target
Coral, Turquoise and White Bangles- Stella & Dot
My turquoise Bauble Necklace got some action this week!  I wore this on a yucky, rainy, chilly but humid day when I had to haul all three youngins to a checkup for Bennett.  This chambray shirt, by the way, is my fave.  I have a few other chambray button ups, but this one is a pullover, but buttons at the collar.  It is more of a tunic length (me?  In a tunic?  Something new!), and is one of my closet
Chambray Pullover Shirt- Old Navy
Mint Skinny Jeans- Gap
Straw and Cotton Platform Sandals- Target
Turquoise Bauble Necklace- EBay
Turquoise Bangle- Stella & Dot
We went to Lemonade Days with one of my really good friends, he husband and little boy, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that we had a BLAST!  It was a little chilly, though, about 60*, so I went with lightweight long sleeves and a scarf so I'd be warm enough in the shade, but wouldn't be too hot when it began to warm up in the afternoon.  This was perfect!
Pleated Cotton Tunic- Shade Clothing
Emerald Polka Dot Scarf- Old Navy
Skinny Jeans- Old Navy (The Sweetheart Fit-I got a couple of questions last time)
Tan Flat Sandals- Gap Outlet, exactly one thousand years ago
And the final outfit of the week worth photographing.  More errand running, and then sanding, painting, DIY-ing in the backyard whle my mom is visiting (aka-Bammy :))!!  I love when she comes to visit, because she likes to DIY as much as I do, and so she's able to help me with projects I have on my list.  Oh, and I might as well not exist to my kids when she's here, because they love her and only want to play with her!  It's lots of fun had by all when Bammy's in town. 
So, I threw on some wedges for a trip to WalMart and to pick up lunch and then Brantley from school, then went barefoot the rest of the day.  I love the pop of color they brought to the casual look.
Green Striped Top- LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl's
Skinny Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl's
Mom and Birthstone Charm Necklace- Stella & Dot
Yellow Leather and Basket Weave Wedges- Etienne Aigner from Macy's
I hope you got some ideas and/or inspiration from this week's outfits!  It's interesting what you notice once you begin photographing your daily outfits.  Here's what I'm challenging myself to do next week:
1. Switch up the silhouette.  Okay, Amanda, I get it.  The Tunic and Skinny Jean look works.  But I'm utilizing about 5% of my wardrobe right now.  Let's get a little more creative.
2. The bobby-pin-hair-pulled-to-the-side-look is getting pretty tired too.  New 'do, asap.
3. Do not take photos without lipstick.
4. More accessories!!!
What are you wearing this week??  Are you challenging yourself to change up your look?
Join me at the What I Wore Wednesday link up at The Pleated Poppy!!
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  1. Love the maxi dress (I'm obsessed with them lately), however, love the fact you caught Lulu with the coke. Too cute.

  2. I love ALL your outfits! The red stripe shirt, with the blue bauble necklace and the polka-dot pants is just great!!


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