Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: My First Post!

I have been wanting to link up to "What I wore Wednesday" on The Pleated Poppy for sometime now, and decided that this week I was going to start!  If you're unfamiliar, Lindsey posts outfits that she has worn throughout the week on her blog every Wednesday.  In her own words, this is how she puts it:
"i started this linky long ago to simply push myself to get dressed every day.  the act of photographing my daily outfits pushed me out of the sweat-pants-rut and into real clothes.  over the years i have slowly become more comfortable with trying new things, more color, and fun accessories. if you’re in a lull, join up and see what amazing changes will happen!"
I love this idea!  Since I have posted more than my fair share about my affinity for jammies and yoga pants, and with my recent effort to actually get dressed, I thought that linking to WIWW would encourage me to really stick with my efforts to wear "real clothes" and get myself together and looking presentable!  Now, don't get me wrong, there are still going to be plenty of jammie days, and for your sake, I won't be posting those "outfits," but I will post the weekly outfits that I actually put some effort into pulling together!  Lindsey has the cutest style on her blog, and there are over 300 people that link to the WIWW post every week!  So if anything, check it out and get some good outfit inspiration.
And let me first preface this by saying that I am certainly not a fashion blogger, and I felt like the biggest loser taking these pictures of myself!  The last time I took pictures of myself in outfits like this, I was going into 6th grade and had just gotten a new plaid skirt with suspenders (remember those??  Grunge was epic.), a pair of converses, a white silk poet's blouse, a hunter green beret,  and overalls.  Oh, and I was STILL IN BRACES.   So, feel free to roll your eyes and totally make fun of me and my "poses" because I totally would.  I did try to change them up, but let's just consider this my starting point.  It can only go up from here, right?  Hopefully these aren't as bad as those pics back in 1996, beret and all...
So here are a few outfits I wore this week!

One thing I am already noticing about my outfit selection by taking pictures of myself, is that I tend to wear the same silhouettes over and over.  For instance, you will see me in LOTS of blousy tunic tops and skinny jeans.  I guess it's just comfortable for me right now, plus, it's a popular look (thank goodness!) and there are lots of inexpensive tunics at various retailers right now.  I wore this out running to the fabric and craft stores the other day.
Peach and White Sheer Chevron Tunic- Groop Dealz
Skinny Jeans- Old Navy
Brown Platforms with Gold Detailing- Target (last year, for only $6!!)

My first creation of my own!  I wore this dress to church this past Sunday.  I make dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, etc, etc, for children all the time, but this is the first garment I have made for myself since college!  I took an old tank top from Forever 21 that was too short for me, but I loved the ruffle detail at the neckline.  I added the skirt portion to it in this cute yellow, green, and blue scallop fabric.  The gold braided belt and striped cardigan concealed a multitude of errors.  Ha!  I have a looooong way to go before I am proficient at making my own clothes.  This mama's body is a little harder to fit than my sweet little babies!!
Tank Dress- handmade
Gold Braided Belt- Who Knows!  It's Ancient.
Yellow and Oatmeal Striped Boyfriend Cardigan- Target
Turquoise Round Toe Wedges- Jessica Simpson at Macy's

One of my very favorite clothing websites is Shade.  They have lots and lots of cute, casual, modest, mom-appropriate clothes, at very good prices.  They are pretty much running a sale of some sort all the time, but their prices are good anyway!  This tunic is one of their new spring/summer items, and I may order it in the turquoise too!  And believe it or not, WalMart has a really cute line of new, colorful items for spring and summer!  The line is called (appropriately) COLOR, and includes lots of solid tops, skirts, jeggings, etc. in coral, turquoise, red, mint, yellow, gray, you name it!  These coral jeggings are from there, and I am OBSESSED with them!  They are comfortable and feel like leggings, but are made of a very stretchy denim and look like skinny jeans.  And they are only $10!!!!!!  Check online, because they are selling out in the stores.  I may or may not have ordered them in SEVERAL colors and like them more than my more expensive colored denim!  This outfit was super comfortable, fun and colorful, and I wore it out running errands with the whole family last weekend. :)
Tunic- Shade Clothing
Jeggings- WalMart (!!!)
Wedges- Target
 I wore this number when I took Brantley to school yesterday and out running errands with the two little ones.  I like wearing a wedge because it gives me a little more height (I'm only 5'3") but still gives me stability when pushing a double stroller and/or carrying a baby in the bjorn and thrifting (as was yesterday's errand running!).  And though I love my WalMart jeggings, these mint skinnies from the Gap are probably my favorite spring purchase thus far.  Very versatile and comfortable, and look cute with lots of different colors. 
Top- Target
Mint Skinnies- Gap
Coral Wedges- Target
Coral Droplet Statement Necklace- Groop Dealz
So!  Now that I have done my first WIWW post, here's what I have learned:
1. Need to lose the baby weight PRONTO.
2. I need to get a tan.  Real or fake, I don't care.  I am pasty.
3. I need to ALWAYS wear heels or wedges.  If I leave the house, that is.  The weight that I am currently at (that I will not dare mention) looks a lot better on me when I'm 5'7" versus 5'3".
4. I need to take closer pictures!  Or maybe just do a WIWW post on my accessories!
5. I do LOTS of shopping at Target. :)
6. I never, ever, ever, under any circumstances need to take pictures of myself straight-on.  These three-time baby birthing hips do not lie, my friends.
I am linking up to What I Wore Wednesday on The Pleated Poppy, and I hope you'll check it out! :)
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  1. You look BEAUTIFUL. Love seeing all these photos and getting some awesome fashion inspiration. Keep rockin' it, mama!

    1. Thank you so much, Linds! You sure do know how to make this mama feel good. :) :)

  2. You look amazing, Amanda!! AND, you have 3 of the most adorable children ever! I love your style and don't worry my "uniform" is totally skinny jeans and a tunic too. It's flattering yet stylish.

  3. YOu look great. I love your style and I LOVE the dress you made! YOu are being too hard on yourself! But I am too.

    1. Thank you so much! I know, everyone sees and dislikes things about themselves that nobody else even notices. I'm definitely working on it! :)

  4. You look awesome!!!!! You're inspiring me!!!! And I HOPE I look like you after three kids!!


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