Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Brings You Joy?

My little ray of sunshine (one of the three :))
With all the cold, gloomy days that had been stretching winter out longer than I was used to, and a houseful of snotty, feverish, coughing, temperamental, and pitifully sick babies over the last few weeks, it was easy to be in a bit of an attitude funk.  I found myself  "getting up on wrong side of the bed," and seeing my coffee mug as half empty before the day had even started.
But, after a few days, I decided that it was totally up to me to turn my attitude around.  It's not mother nature's fault, and it's not my husband or my children's fault, and I need to be the one to choose joy and let it carry me through the (long, frustrating, freezing cold, trying, challenging) day.
So I decided to make a list of the things that bring me joy.  The things that make me sit back, close my eyes and smile to myself.  So when I had one of those down in the dumps moments, I either took a look and read through the list, or actually did something off of it.  Reflecting and focusing on the things that make me happy reminded me of all the things I have to be thankful for, and provided me with just the attitude shift I needed!  Take that, cold, depressing, bad attitude Amanda! 
 I choose joy!!
What Brings Me JOY
-Venti non-fat latte with an extra shot
-Looking at pictures of my children as newborns
-Talking to my mom
-Fresh Flowers
-Watching Pretty Woman or Sex and the City reruns
-Reading trashy gossip magazines
-Having a tea party with my girls
-Coloring with crayons (it's actually very therapeutic!)
-Red Lipstick and good mascara
-Getting a brand new clean notebook ready to hold all of my lists
-Snuggling in bed with my babies
-A cold beer
-Online shopping!!
-Hearing my baby boy laugh
-Listening to (and singing to) the Indigo Girls and Joe Cocker
-Letting the girls brush my hair (they LOVE to!)
-Laying out on the beach
-Wearing a pretty outfit
-Eating chips and salsa, cheese dip, and guacamole for dinner
-Fragrant body lotion
-Fat baby cheeks and thighs
-Striped T Shirts
-Hand-writing notes to friends
-Chocolate Covered Caramels with Sea Salt
-Browsing through Target
-Mani & Pedi
-Picnic lunch on an heirloom quilt in the backyard
-A glass of wine with my husband
Ahh...much better.  What brings you joy?
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