Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shoes, Anyone??

So, I have been going through my closet lately, just trying to streamline it, see what I have and what I need, and get rid of some things that I've needed to get rid of for a long time.  I came across several pairs of shoes that I love, but I never wear.  Some just don't fit, and I've kept them around because I love them and think I can will them to fit, but when I try them on, I never end up wearing them because they are too uncomfortable!  And then others I just don't wear because they are completely impractical for me right now.  Either way, they are super cute, and barely worn.  If ever at all!  I would totally be keeping them all if they worked for me, but alas, they don't.
And they are in such good shape, that I thought I'd try to sell them (at ridiculously good prices, I might add), hence the reason for my post today!  Are you a size 6, 6.5, or 7??  Do you like cute shoes at great prices?  Want to buy my shoes??!  Check out these below, priced as shown.  Shipping is $2 for the first pair, and $1 each additional pair.  They are all in excellent used condition.  Leave your paypal email in the comments and the number for which pair you'd like to purchase.  Happy Shopping!

1.  Red Suede Buckle Loafers, about a 1" heel.  Nine West, Size 6 1/2.  $5

2.  Black "Suede" Platform Studded Pumps.  About a 3 1/2" heel.  Mossimo, Size 7.  Worn twice.  $5

3. Light Gray and Dark Gray Faux Snakeskin Platform Pumps.  4" heel.  Shoe Dazzle, Size 6 1/2.  SO wish these fit!  $5

4. Black leather flat Key West Sandals, Size 7.  $3

5. Black Jeweled flat Xhilaraton Sandals, Size 6 1/2.  $3

6. Navy Patent Leather Naturalizers with Grosgrain Bow.  1/2" heel. Size 6 1/2.  $5
7. Gold glittery Unlisted flats.  Size 7 1/2.  $5
8. Steely gray/graphite Shoe Dazzle wedges with baubles and grosgrain bow at the toe.  Wedge is about 1".  $5

9.  Red Michael Kors Flat Buckle Peep Toes.  Size 6 1/2.  LOVE these. $5- SOLD
10.  Michael Kors Tan Leather Open Toe Wedges.  Wedge about 3".  A few nicks in the wood platform at the toe.  $4
11. Gray Flat Over the Knee Shoe Dazzle Boots, Size 7.  Never even worn!!  SO CUTE!  WHAT A DEAL! $7 
12. White Classified Wedge Sandals, Size 7.  Wedge is about 4".  A few nicks in the cork wedge.  $4-SOLD
13. Cream Snakeskin Embossed Leather Steve Madden Stilletos with light pink piping.  Heel is about 3 1/2".  Size 6 1/2.  $5
14.  Black Xhilaration Ballet Flats wth Jeweled Toe.  Size 6 1/2.  $4- SOLD

15.  Blue Suede Banana Republic Flats.  Size 7.  $4

16.  Black Suede INC Ruffle Toe Flats.  Size 6 1/2.  $4
Again, leave your paypal email in the comments with the number to the pair(s?) you want, and I'll send you a paypal invoice.  Once they're paid for, I'll ship them right to you! :)
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  1. Hello, what size is #10?

  2. Hi Amanda, what size is #10 and are they available? Thanks!


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