Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Playroom Prints

I have been working really hard lately adding lots of new things to the Etsy shop (and even more to come!).  I am doing a lot of my bread and butter, adorable kids shirts, dresses, and outfits, but my current DIY project has also been inspiring me. 
I have been working on a little nook in the kids playroom (pictures and post coming next week!), and have been wanting some cute decor and prints to accessorize the space, and add some color and fun.
Enter the Personalized Playroom Prints!

The Personalized Playroom Prints are completely customizable and have a very faint chevron background.  They are playful, colorful, and bright, and perfect fo a playroom, kid's room or nursery!  And I love the little bit of color they bring to this one little space on our playroom wall!
They are available right now in the Etsy shop, and I'm offering 25% off of all prints right now, with the coupon code PRINT25!
Also check out another adorable playroom accessory in the shop, The Rainbow Alphabet Pillow!
And in honor of the new playroom prints and my upcoming playroom accessories line, are two FREE prints, just for you!
I had seen a print very similar to this "Dream Big" print, but made it in the colors of my our playroom, and with the same faint chevron background.  Download it here for free!

And when I have to get onto the girls for arguing or fighting, I am always telling them to "be sweet!"  I am hoping that this cute print will be a good reminder!  Plus, it has the same chevron background, so all the prints coordinate!  Download it for free here! 

I hope you like the new Playroom Prints, and feel free download these freebies and to use the coupon code o the personalized ones in the shop!  I would love to design one for your child to match their room perfectly!
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