Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our New Coffee Bar

I had been staring at this one wall in our kitchen for sometime. I made it into a "communication wall" a while ago, with our big bulletin board, family calendar, and other hanging knick-knacks, but it had never really looked finished to me.  It was okay how it was, but it just wasn't right yet.  Then I saw these pictures on Pinterest:
From Life More Lovely
From No Place Lyke Home
From Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market
And that was it!  I knew I wanted to create a coffee bar.  We are huge coffee drinkers, and we have a mug collection that borders on hoarding.  The coffee maker takes up valuable counter space, and the mugs, filters, teas, hot chocolates, travel mugs, etc, take up cabinet space.  To move it all to it's own little home would be very cute and definitely functional.  And that wall was begging for a change.
THEN, I saw this idea from one of my very favorite blogs, Jones Design Co.
Emily is brilliant, and has the most amazing decorating ideas that usually don't cost much at all.  She upholstered her wall with coffee bags!  I didn't even know there was such a thing!  But, evidently coffee comes to coffee shops in these huge 150 pound bags, made of burlap (be still my crafting heart), and stamped with all kinds of labels and emblems from their countries of origin, and the type of beans, etc.  How perfect, I thought, for an awesome statement wall behind my coffee bar!
So, I was on the hunt for coffee bags.  Emily got hers for free from a local coffee shop that just gave them to her.  Well, we don't really have a local "mom and pop" coffee shop here in L-ville, and I wasn't about to stroll into Starbucks asking if they'd give me their coffee bags (if they even had any) for free.  So, off to Etsy I went.  I searched for coffee bags, and actually found them very easily!  And for pretty cheap!
I used a staple gun to upholster them to the wall, and it was really very, very easy.  With my order, I received 5 bags, which were very large, and I cut the seams on the sides to open them up completely.  They covered the wall easily, with some leftovers too.  I did it all by myself, and it barely took an hour.  I really, really love how it ended up looking.
For the bar itself, my very talented brother made me this table for Christmas, using one of Ana White's amazing furniture plans.  I had originally put it in my living room behind the sofa, but I rearranged the furniture in there a few weeks ago, and I knew this table would be perfect as the coffee bar, so I moved it right into the kitchen.

One of my favorite parts of the coffee bar and wall is this wood and iron shelf from Hobby Lobby.  I love the iron baskets and use them to hold the cups and saucers from my everyday china.  I keep all of our other mugs and travel mugs in the baskets on the shelves of the table, and also our filters, coffee grinder, french press, and other hot chocolates and drink accessories.

I tried to keep the accessories simple on the table and shelf, since the wall installation was a pretty big statement.  I didn't want to clutter it up to much.

I added this "home sweet home" print (found here for free!  And in a few other colors!) because first, I wanted to add some color, but also because didn't want the whole wall to look too rustic and old, and I wanted the juxtaposition of some bright white and floral prints against the weathered wood and burlap.

I had also mounted my grandmother's antique kitchen utensils on this burlap canvas, and I thought it looked great on the wall with the lighter burlap that I used.  Plus, it filled up an empty space on the wall (and we all know that I can't bear to have an empty space on the wall :)).

I love having our coffee and teas out on the table now.  It makes the mundane chore of making coffee each morning feel a little more "gourmet" when you're scooping your coffee out of a glass jar!  It's also nice having an empty cabinet right next to the fridge to junk up with something else.

I just love how our little coffee bar turned out, and love the statement that it has brought to the kitchen.  I did it all while Scott was at work (and all unbeknownst to him!), and he even walked in and noticed it right away, and said, "oh, I like it!"  That was a pleasant (and completely unexpected) response!
I have been working on several small decor projects (including finishing my laundry room!), and will be sharing them all in the next few weeks!
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  1. So glad you found Romance on a dime and linked up this last week. LOVE your new coffee bar - looks so inviting. I'm sure it looks great in your kitchen. The coffee bags on the wall looks A-MAZING!! Pinning this. Hope to see you link up this week as well.

    1. Thanks Betsy! I'll be back linking up this week! :)


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