Monday, April 22, 2013

My Laundry Room Redo Revealed!

It has only taken me 2 months to finally get this done, but it finally complete!  I posted back in February (see here) that I was bored of our laundry room.  It's right off the kitchen, and had become a drop zone, filling up with junk because it was big and empty, and disorganized.
But no longer!!  Come on in!
When you come in the laundry room, this is what you see on the right.  There's a big basin sink, and over it I hung a magnetic message board and a fabric covered cork board, and underneath it I hung guides to the laundry symbols that you'll find on your clothing tags.  Above that is a wire shelf that not only hold baskets for storage, but I can also hang clothes to dry if necessary.  Thank goodness that was already there, and I didn't need to install that. :)
Guess I need to straighten up the guides to the symbols, huh?!  A liiiiiittle crooked...

I did a very simple DIY for the cork board.  I already had this small cork board, and I just cut out some striped fabric to fit inside the frame, and hot glued it along the edges to the cork.  I love how it dressed it up a bit to match the rest of the color scheme.
I also made a burlap skirt to go over the bottom of the sink.  The sink is ugly, and I wanted to utilize the space underneath the sink for storage.  I sewed the skirt for the sink and then just hot glued it to the sink itself!  I can hide plenty underneath, including a laundry hamper, a small trashcan and other items that would clutter up the look of the room.
The floral baskets hold Monkey's stuff, the kids' church bags, and other small items.  I love the bright print, and found them at Target.  I had the basket already, found the red magnetic message board at  Target, and got the cute little green mail holder (though we keep our takeout menus in it) from one of my favorite bargain websites,, about a year and a half ago.
I found the guides to the laundry symbols printables on Pinterest for free!  Find them here.  I framed them with simple black frames from the Dollar Tree.  I also printed out this Martha Stewart Stain Guide, and taped it to the inside of one of the cabinet doors.
Now to the back wall!
I added the white shelf to the back wall so I could, what else, add more storage!  The shelf, floral and wire baskets are all from Target.  The cute little wire baskets are more for looking cute than anything, but the floral basket is perfect for change and whatever other treasures mama finds (and mama keeps!) when doing the laundry.  And I knew I wanted some decorative prints and also knew that this big back wall would be the perfect place to put my DIY chalkboard that I made before Christmas.  It's perfect for jotting down notes, but right now, it's just pretty for decoration!
I found the super cute laundry print in the red frame on Pinterest (again, for free!  Find it here.).  It doesn't show well in the picture, but it says, "If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the piles and piles of laundry will disappear all too soon and that you will, to your surprise, miss them profoundly."  How appropriate, because I definitely have piles and piles of laundry regularly!  But I probably will miss it.  One day.  One day far, far from now.
I found a print very similar to this one, but I didn't care for the font.  So I made this one up and love it!  Feel free to download it for yourself (for free!) here!
I also found a print similar to the one above, but wanted to change it a bit and adjust the color to match my color scheme.  So I fiddled around and made this one too.  Follow this link to download this one for yourself for free as well!

The bench was a pretty spontaneous purchase from Target.  When I do decor projects like this, I am usually very disciplined with what I buy (believe it or not), and plan out each purchase.  I have lists, have good intentions, and know exactly what I want and I buy right off my list.  I knew I wanted some sort of table or chair, or something I could set a laundry basket on.  I had seen some beautiful built-in seating options, but I didn't want to build something in permanently.  The room is a good size laundry room, and I really didn't want to take away from the space with a built in, but I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for.   I saw this woven bench at Target, and though it was more than I wanted to spend, I totally love it.  It has so many great colors in it, and I can sit a laundry basket on it, or my purse, or I can sit one of the kids on it to put on their shoes as we're headed out the door.  I have moved it against one wall, in the corner, and back and forth, but I think I like it best against the back wall.  It's probably my favorite thing that I bought for the room.
And I really wanted a graphic rug, since my main inspiration was this picture.  I loved the combination of the stripes and the floral, and wanted to have that same look.  Let me just tell you, rugs can be really expensive!  Even relatively small ones!  And for some reason, I really hate spending a lot of money on rugs.  So, I was super happy when I came across this tutorial from Sweet Verbena for making your own rug.  Done.  So I bought some black and white striped home decor fabric, and used a neutral colored canvas that I already had for the back side, and sewed it right up.  And I LOVE it!  Since it doesn't have a real rug backing, though, and my laundry room floor is tile, it was slipping a ton.  But I bought these "Ruggies" after I saw them on a late night infomercial (ha!), and they work great!  No slipping, and the rug stays right in place.
Now onto the wall opposite the washer and dryer, and my most rewarding DIY project yet...
My beadboard wall!  I had seen several pictures of a beadboard wall with hooks (here and here), and I knew that's what I wanted.  One of the main reasons I wanted to redo the laundry room was to create a space for us to easily hang coats, backpacks, dance bags, dog leashes, etc.  I was so tired of having to collect coats from off the kitchen chairs and counter, and move backpacks, computer bags and other things off the floor.  I wanted a bunch of hooks and plenty of space to hang all of those items that presently had no home.  So, after a few phone conversations with my dad and brother, I headed up to Home Depot with Ben and Gracie while Brantley was in school.  I measured, bought the beadboard, trim, finishing nails, and paint, came home and got to work!
It was really easy; the hardest part was figuring out where the studs were, and making sure that's where I nailed the beadboard to the wall.  I'm not actually sure I hit any studs, but I put plenty of nails in, so surely I hit one somewhere... :)  I also screwed in 9 coat hooks, so we'd have plenty of places for hanging all the aforementioned items.  I finished the beadboard wall while Brantley was at school and the littles were napping. 
Since I made the old kitchen "communication wall" into a coffee bar, I wanted to put my burlap woven cork board in here over the beadboard wall.  It also matched the burlap skirt I made for the sink, and tied the look together.  I hot glued some silver thumb tacks around the perimeter of the board for a little update, and a nailhead trim look.  I really love how it turned out, and it houses our family calendar, school calendar, morning routine, and a few other inspirational printables and notes.

Some of my favorite touches in the entire room are the framed pictures of the babies with their names over their designated hooks.  I wanted to "label" which hooks are theirs to hang their bags and coats on, and after looking through several different ideas, I decided that I definitely wanted their picture, and wanted their name too.  I made these, framed them with more Dollar Tree frames, and I love how they turned out.
And last but not least, I wanted to utilize the little bit of wall space behind the door.  I used an over-the-door shoe holder to store my cleaning products, and a wall mounted ironing board rack to hang my swiffer mop and broom (my iron is set up for use in my sewing room upstairs.  I don't iron our laundry; the only ironing I do is when I'm making clothes!).  Scott hangs his casual jacket and a few hats there too, and the door hides it all.  We also have cabinets over the washer and dryer that are fantastic for storage.  We keep our laundry detergent, bleach, and other laundry supplies up there, as well as light bulbs, batteries, flashlights, extension cords, and other home maintenance items that we use on a regular basis.  I did throw away the phone books that were up there, since I was pretty sure we wouldn't be using those anytime soon. :)
So that's the new laundry room!  I really love the functionality of it, as well as the aesthetically pleasing aspects of it.  And since it's finally presentable, I don't feel like I have to shut the door into the laundry room all the time to hide it, and I can leave it open knowing it looks pretty cute in there.  Also, since it's finally decorated, I am much more inclined to keep it neat and not throw junk in there like I did before when it was just a big mess.  So it has stayed clean since I completed it!
Thanks for taking a look into my laundry room!  Stay tuned for some more small home DIY projects  that I will have completed very soon and ready to share! :)  I'm linking up to the following blogs, so check them out for some other DIY inspiration!
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