Friday, April 5, 2013

Five on Friday: Random

So, I don't have a good "theme" for my Five on Friday post today.  So I thought I'd post 5 (of the 10 million) random things that have been running through my head this week.
My L Gallery Wall
1.  I think I may have Home Decor ADD.  I posted here about my laundry room redo, which I am thisclose to finishing.  I need to frame 3 little things and 2 other things for the laundry room and I'll have it completed!  But instead of going ahead and finishing, I have rearranged my living room, added a coffee bar to my kitchen (post coming soon!), moved all of my "L" collection onto a main
 L gallery wall,  decided to redo my entry way, and redo the big gallery wall in my den.  You know, nothing major.  I just move from room to room, getting great ideas, getting started, but never actually finishing anything.  SO...big goal for the weekend: FINISH LAUNDRY ROOM!  Then, onto the next project!
2. I made this Zucchini Lasagna from Skinny Taste, and shut.up.  It's amazing.  When I say you seriously would never miss the noodles, I am so serious, You will never miss the noodles.  I am a huge zucchini fan, anyway, but it really is delicious.  We almost never finish leftovers in our house, and this recipe made at least two dinner's worth for our family, and we ate every bit of it.  I ate it for lunch three days in a row voluntarily, which rarely happens.  It takes a bit of time, since it's pretty much all made from scratch, but it's worth every minute.  Yum.  May need to make this again asap.
3.  I got these lovely tulips in the mail from my mom yesterday.  I had not had a good couple of days, and like any good mama, she read this post, and sent me a bouquet (what is better than getting flowers delivered?!) with a card that said, "Sending you joy! Love, Mom."  Yep, she's the best ever.
4. I am DYING over this little boy's red keds for the springtime.  The kid is going to live in them with rompers all.summer.long.  He's wearing a size 4 shoe.  Grayson is 16 months older and is in a size 5.
From here
5. I'm kind of obsessed with these beautiful succulent terrariums.  Evidently succulents are very low maintenence plants and very easy to keep alive with minimal care (perfect, since I completely forget to water any and all houseplants).  I have decided that we need some more green in the house, and if you DIY these terrariums, they are not only inexpensive, but very pretty living decorative touches!   You can also order succulent terrarium DIY kits from Etsy that include everything you need to make one.  Sounds like a fun project to me!  Add it to the list!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I'll "see" you next week! 
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  1. Live those red Keds-so cute!-and the succulent terraniums-totally going to use this for pretty green decor! Have a great weekend, Loganville Lutons!


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