Friday, April 26, 2013

Five on Friday: Flatbread Lunches

I am not a big breakfast person, so by lunchtime, I am usually starving.  I like something pretty light, though, but satisfying.  I have posted (here and here) about my favorite find in my local Kroger, whole wheat flatbreads, and how much I love getting creative with them and whipping up quick, easy, yummy and healthy lunches with them.  I typically don't like to eat the same lunches over and over during the week (however you'll notice I break my own rule below); I like to change things up.  So I challenged myself to come up with 5 different flatbread lunches that utilized my favorite ingredient, the flatbread!
For my Five on Friday post today, I'm giving you five original flatbread lunch recipes!  And all of them include ingredients that you will most likely have on hand, or are common pantry/fridge components.  A few even feature leftovers!  All are tasty, super easy to make (no or very little actual cooking!), quick to put together and HEALTHY!  And definitely can be eaten as lunches OR dinners.  So take a look, and maybe make one for yourself!  Enjoy!
1. Mediterranean Hummus Flatbread

The one that started it all!  Now THIS one, I could (and did!) eat everyday for a week.  It's part Greek salad and part Mediterranean platter. 
1 flatbread
chopped cucumber
chopped tomato
chopped olives
feta cheese
Slather as much or as little hummus on the flatbread, then layer on the veggies, the olives, and then the feta.  Devour.


This one is probably the easiest, and takes the least amount of prep time.  And SO good.
1 flatbread
marinara or pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese
chopped basil
pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, or whatever toppings (all optional)
Spread marinara sauce over flatbread (I usually buy the 10 for $10 Kroger brand sauce and keep it in the fridge just for these pizzas.  It works perfectly!).  Sprinkle as much or as little cheese over the sauce, top with assorted toppings (if wanted.  I usually just leave it plain cheese and sprinkle on some basil!).  Put in toaster oven and watch carefully (it can burn quickly in there!).  Remove once cheese is melted.  The flatbread gets crispy on the outside but still slightly soft on the inside, and you'd never know it wasn't a real pizza crust.  So much healthier than the frozen ones.  And tastes better too!
3. Bacon Avocado Club Flatbread

This one is probably my favorite flatbread that I have made thus far.  We had an avocado that needed to be eaten before it went bad, some bacon left over from the weekend, and it all came together for the perfect lunch.  A teeny bit of cooking, but nothing difficult or time consuming.
1 flatbread
ham or turkey deli meat
1 avocado (or half an avocado, depending on how much avocado you like), sliced
2 strips of bacon, coked (the bacon I used was only 60 calories for 2 strips!)
Roughly tear ham or turkey (whatever you've got on hand) and lay over flatbread.  Slice up an avocado and lay over the top of the meat.  Fry up some bacon, crumble, and sprinkle it over the avocado.  Voila!  Lunch is served.  The deli meat is slightly sweet, the avocado rich, and the bacon is crispy and salty.  It was very filling and SO good. 

4. Mexican Chicken Flatbread

We have leftover chicken at least once a week.  We always have salsa, always have shredded cheddar cheese, and have sour cream pretty much all the time too.  Not only did we have every ingredient on hand, but I actually ate leftovers for lunch!  It eats like a quesadilla, but the whole wheat flatbread is much healthier and heartier than a simple tortilla.
1 flatbread
leftover chicken, shredded or chopped (bonus if it's slow cooker taco chicken like mine was.  Rotisserie chicken would be great too)
Shredded cheddar cheese
Sour Cream
Cilantro (optional)
Place chicken on flatbread, sprinkle with cheese.  Heat in toaster oven until cheese is melted.  Top with salsa and sour cream!  Ole!

5. Ham and Cream Cheese Flatbread

We were really running low on groceries when I whipped this one up.  We had some deli meat on hand, but the only fresh anything we had was parsley.  This would be even better if you had a cucumber on hand that you could chop up and mix in, but just the few things I made it with were really tasty!
1 flatbread
2 wedges of Laughing Cow Reduced Fat Garlic and Herb Cheese
Chopped Parsley (Dill or Basil would also be good)
Spread both wedges of cheese over the flatbread.  Tear up ham and layer over cheese.  Sprinkle herbs over ham and cheese.  Done!  Very light, very filling, and only about 280 calories!  You can't even eat a Lean Cuisine for 280 calories, and it wouldn't even get close to filling you up.
I hope you found one (or more!) that you may want to try out!  And if you're like me and don't like cooking when your husband's gone for dinner, these are really great for a quick evening meal.
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I hope you enjoy and hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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