Friday, April 12, 2013

Five on Friday: Favorite Pinterest Recipes

If you follow me on Pinterest (and you should!), you know that I pin a lot.  I am just constantly finding things I want to do, make, remember, etc, and it has truly replaced my binders of torn out magazine pages (that I still cannot get rid of, by the way).  I particularly like my recipe boards.  I am really good about actually following through, and making a lot of the things that I pin.  Not everything, but a lot.  I love getting new and different ideas for dinners, and I often find really great recipes that my family and I end up loving.  So for this Five on Friday post, I am going to highlight 5 of my favorite recipes from Pinterest!
1.  Mexican Mac and Cheese
From Better Homes and Gardens
I love mac and cheese.  I love Mexican food.  This is the perfect combination.  The recipe makes a ton, definitely enough for two casseroles, and the leftovers are good too.  I have made this several times and we enjoy it every time!
2. Crockpot Italian Chicken
From Homemade by Holeman
I liked this dinner just fine, but Scott said he wanted to have it once a week.  He really enjoyed it.  It's also family friendly; anything with pasta and chicken is a winner in my house.  Very little prep and toss it in the crock pot, and done.  Add a salad and you've got a good dinner!
3. Creamy White Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna
From Tasty Tidbits
I made this one evening when my brother and sister in law came over for dinner.  It was perfect for company, it made a bunch, was a little fancy but not complicated.  And using chicken, a white sauce, and artichokes in lasagna instead of the typical red meat sauce gave it a twist on a classic.  It would be great to make and freeze, or take to new parents.  It's not something I'll make on a regular basis since it's kind of time-intensive, but it's good for special occasions. 
 4. Southwestern Cobb Salad
From Our Best Bites
 Scott used to be opposed to the idea of a salad for dinner, until we had this.  It's AMAZING.  All the flavors blend so well together, and it's very filling with the chicken, black beans, bacon, etc.  Perfect for a light, yet satisfying dinner as we head into the warmer months!
5. Pork Tenderloin with Pan Sauce
From Chef Mommy
We love buying pork tenderloins when they're on sale.  Easy to make and healthy, they make for a really yummy dinner.  I made this a few weeks ago when we had family over for dinner, and I thought it was really delicious.  You marinate the meat and put it in the oven, and that's it.  It's easy enough for a weeknight, but nice enough for company. 
 I hope these inspire you to whip something yummy up this weekend!  Hope the weather cooperates with your plans (the forecast for us is low 70's and sunny!  Woo-hoo!) and you have a great one!
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