Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

What a beautiful Easter we had this year.  A wonderful day filled with love, family, worship, good food and lots of fun.  So here is our day in pictures.  He is Risen!

 Of course, first thing is first, checking out the spoils of the Easter Bunny. :)

He came!

After a bit of fun looking through the baskets, coloring, and maybe eating chocolate bunnies for breakfast, it was time to get ready for church!
My precious, precious boy on his first Easter.  Knee socks and all. :)

Getting a decent picture of these three little monkies is next to impossible, but I thought these were pretty sweet.

A quick pic of me and my boy before we were off to church!  And what a wonderful and inspirational service it was.

We returned home, started cooking our yummy Easter dinner, and my brother, sister in law and beautiful niece Sally Kate arrived!  What a doll baby!

Our simple Easter table

My brother kissing his baby girl!  Sally Kate is a sweet 2 months old!

Bammy holding Miss SK

And loving every minute of it!

PaDaddy and his grandson :)  We had ditched the knee socks and shoes by now.  Ben is a barefoot kind of baby. :)

And he loves Aunt Beth!

All four of Bammy and PaDaddy's grandchildren!

Our family of five!

My sweet babies :)

Bammy and PaDaddy are so proud!

Ben decided that he was sick of his jon jon and wanted something even more comfy.

And Dad made himself at home before the big meal.  And onto the food.  Everybody brought a dish or two, and we had a delicious meal of homemade Southern favorites.  We had ham, deviled eggs, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, green beans, rolls and coconut cake.

Ben was not happy that he didn't get to have any. :)

And after dinner, we chatted, played, some napped, some had to drive home, some had another piece of coconut cake, and we all were thankful of the time we had together. 
I hope you and your family had as wonderful and Easter filled with love and fellowship. :) 
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