Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Chore Charts

We have giving the kids "jobs and "chores" around the house since they were walking.  It blew my mind one day when I was still working, when I picked Brantley up from day care and the kids were putting their toys away when their teachers asked them to.  I mean, they weren't even talking yet, but they were cleaning up after themselves!  From that moment on, we gave Brantley small things to do around the house to "help out," which she loves to do.
So since they have gotten a little older, and are much more capable of completing multiple tasks, both of the girls have daily chores. They are not really "chores" as much as they are just things they need to remember to do each day.  Brush their teeth, feed the dog (that is a chore, I guess), pick up their toys, plates, and cups, etc.  I found the cutest printable and customizable chore charts on pinterest (the ones I printed are no longer available, but these are very similar), that you could type in the kids names, the list of chores you wanted, and print it right off.  The thing I liked about the list I found, though, is that at the top, it's not called a "Chore Chart," it says "This is how I contribute to my family."  What a much nicer way of putting it!  That we are all responsible for tasks in our family, and this is what I'm doing to help.  So that's how we look at it.  Not really as chores, but what each person does to contribute to the family. 
So after I printed one chart off, I figured that I didn't want to have to remember to print these off every week (more like I knew we'd do it one week, and then never again).  So I decided to frame them so we could use a dry erase marker on them and reuse them.  Plus, wouldn't it be easy if they were magnetic so we could stick them on the fridge?  Of course!  So, a little crafty DIY was born.  They were super easy, took only as much time as it took to heat up the hot glue gun, and they were up.  And here's how you can make your own!
What You Need:
Chore Chart Print Out
Basic Frame (Mine is a cheap-o one from the dollar store, which is perfect because it's just one you can hang on the wall, not a tabletop frame with the arm on it)
 10 Extra Strength Magnets (ordered mine from Etsy, 50 for about $5)
hot glue gun and glue sticks
How To Make It:
Place the printout in your frame (duh)
My dollar store frame had little cheap picture hanger things on the back that I just removed since they were unnecessary. 
I hot glued 8 of the extra strength magnets to the actual frame, and then two down the center of the cardboard backing of the frame.
And that's it!  TAH DAH!  All done!  Now, with a dry erase marker, you (or your child) can check off all of their tasks they complete each week, and when the next week begins, just erase and start fresh!
We have a stainless steel fridge, but a portion of the side is exposed which is magnetic.  I actually had one more frame without the glass that I glued magnets to as well, to frame pictures!  And you could definitely do this for framing anything and stick to the fridge.  Making a dry erase calendar, framing your favorite quote, a prayer list, etc. 
And having a chore chart to check off has made completing their tasks fun for the girls (Ben doesn't have one quite yet :)).  They can't wait to see what they have to do next so they can check it off.  I'm thinking about adding "Do the Dishes," "Clean the Bathrooms," and a few other things to their charts... :)
Hope you enjoy!
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