Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome to Spring Style Week at Goat & Lulu!

Welcome Friends, to Spring Style Week on the blog!  I'm excited to share lots of outfit ideas, style inspiration and lots more!!  Sometimes it can be very easy as a busy mom to get in a major style rut (right here!).  This week is hopefully going to be the jump start I need (and maybe you too!) to get excited about fashion again, and ready to have fun with my style again and not let it be a burden!  So join me everyday for new ideas on how to spruce up your wardrobe and get ready for spring!!
As for today, I'm sharing my very favorite color for spring...
It all started with a search for some mint skinny jeans that I found at Gap (and on sale!).  From there, it exploded into a sheer mint polka dot shirt, a gray and mint polka dot sweater, a mint and gold sequined sweater, etc. etc.  I also have a mint bib necklace and a gauzy white and mint scarf from last summer, so I guess I was ahead of the trend! :)
I think what I like so much about mint this season, is that it looks good on everyone and it's a wonderful transitional color.  Right now, while it's still wintry and cold and dreary, you can wear mint with gray, winter white, black or brown and it looks beautiful!  Then when the weather starts to warm up (hopefully soon!), you can mix mint with coral, white, gold, navy, red, and so many brighter shades!  I love colors and pieces that can work season to season, and mint is perfect for that.
Tomorrow I will share some outfit combinations I am really liking for spring, incorporating some of this season's newest (and mama friendly) trends!  And later in the week, I will share with you how to build a great basic mommy wardrobe.  It can be hard when you have been working for a long time and have a great work wardrobe, but then when you quit work to stay home with your babies and you don't have a good supply of kid-friendly pieces!  I'll show you what you need to create a great base, and then you can just plug in your own style!
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