Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our Friday Afternoon in Pictures

Couldn't you just squeeze him all day long?!

This boy LOVES to swing :)

My three precious blessings

Gracie loved her first time in the big girl swing :)

The boys

I've never heard Grayson laugh as much and as hard as she and Brantley were laughing at each other here :)

 Last Friday was the epitome of a spring day.  The weather was so mild, and thanks to daylight savings time, we had an hour or so of extra afternoon.  Scott had to mow the grass, so I took the kids onto the back porch to watch him finish up (they love to wave to him each time he goes by on the tractor :)).  When he was done, we got into the yard, and it was so perfect out that we played and played and played.
The girls dug in the dirt, Ben checked out the tractor.  All three kids swung with their legs straight out into the air.  The girls laughed such big belly laughs at each other as they both tried to walk up the slide, that Scott and I got tickled too.
It doesn't take much more than a perfectly ordinary backyard afternoon to be reminded of how blessed we really are.  And how there is nothing in the world that I would rather be than a suburban stay at home mom.  Friday afternoons like this provide the sweet memories that I will look back on in years to come as my babies grow.  I am so grateful for these simple afternoons with my beautiful family.
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