Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Sister's Antiques

I was lucky enough to have a (long overdue and well deserved, I believe) mama break yesterday morning (shout out to Savannah, the best babysitter in the world!).  I got some coffee, ran a few errands, and I had about an hour before I needed to be back home.  I decided to make a hard left and check out a little antique store that I had driven past a thousand times, called My Sister's Antiques.
What a little jewel I found!
I love browsing through all the beautiful treasures that antique stores have to offer.  But since antique stores are typically not the kind of place you want to maneuver a sit and stand double stroller through, and not the kind of place you want a precocious three and a half year old traipsing through, I don't get to enjoy them often.  But of course I was on mommy-time this morning, and was able to look and touch and talk to the lovely little shopkeeper, and not have to swat curious hands away or referee arguments or pick up spilled cheerios.  It was glorious!  Here are some of the wonderful things I saw:

I am obsessed with finding an antique high chair to paint.  I looooved this one, but it was just more than I wanted to pay.

This beautiful antique door was just begging for a pinterest project!

There were several tables with so much character that were very reasonably priced.  I didn't want to just come home with a table (or three!) that I didn't have a plan for, so I'm going to keep them in mind (and also figure out where I can put a few tables that I don't have plans for).

I have always been so in love with Blue Willow china, and they had a gorgeous antique set for sale.  By the way, my birthday is in two short months...

Now this was the piece that stole my heart.  This basin dresser with the huge mirror was just striking and was also reasonably priced.  I would decorate a room around it alone.  I just love it.

I thought this "Parts" sign was so cool and would be perfect for my Dad!  His dad was the Parts Manager of the Pontiac Dealership in the teeny town my dad grew up in.  I thought this sign would look cool in mom and dad's garage/workshop/mancave.

I love how antique stores are also great for DIY inspiration.  I loved these galvanized buckets that were just covered with burlap and had "No. 3" stenciled on them.  But, I can easily do that myself!

More beautiful china.  Okay, it's official. I'm going to start collecting more china.

I was DYING over this beautiful iron crib.  And there were these awesome burlap and lace pillows that I am going to totally make.  Again, great inspiration.

There were also piles and piles of amazing handmade quilts.  Some were so delicate and falling apart that you wouldn't even be able to use them.  But there were many that were in beautiful condition and were almost a century old.  That handiwork is just amazing to me.  I might be saving up for one of those.

 And last but certainly not least, were the darling antique children's clothes and toys.  Beautiful textiles from bygone eras; it's incredible that children wore these lacy, formal outfits on a regular basis.
I did not leave empty handed, I bought an antique whisk to add to my antique kitchen tool collection ( I have a BUNCH of collections, more on that in the future), and am so excited to put it on display in my kitchen.  I had a wonderful little jaunt out this morning and can't wait for my next bit of time to myself when I'll visit My Sister's Antiques and drink in all the beauty and inspiration again.
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  1. Where is this place again? Like you, I never make time to visit such places becuase of my kids. Is it downtown or towards Between/Athens?

  2. It's in downtown loganville. If you're headed towards Athens from Atlanta on 78, you take a left right before the walgreens on the left. Then the antique store is on your left!

  3. Love that Blue Willow China, too! My best friend asked for the help of a realtor in looking for this item, and she also got a gorgeous, good as new-looking set. She's very generous to give it to me as a birthday present! I still keep them on my cabinets and I’ve never used them since. I'm so afraid that I might break them. :(



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