Monday, March 4, 2013

Keeping it Real: The Best Shapewear for Nursing Mamas

Preface:  I titled this post "The Best Shapewear for Nursing Mamas," but this is actually the best shapewear I have found, period!  So if you're not a mom, never fear, and read on!  It is just particularly good for moms who are currently nursing and have trouble finding breastfeeding-friendly shapewear.  Okay, continue...
So, I'm not terribly proud to be writing this post, but I'm all about being honest here.  If you're anything like me, and have had a couple of kids, are over 30, have a pooch here or there that you don't like, hate visible panty lines, or are a woman at all, you are probably very familiar with shapewear.  Women were cutting the legs out of their control top pantyhose to suck in their tummies long before Spanx came along, and shapewear has been growing, changing, and improving ever since. 
I also think that most women have a love/hate relationship with shapewear.  You don't want to have to wear it, but once you start wearing it, you can't stop.  It's hard to find the perfect piece, that doesn't roll, or ride up or squeeze your love handles out of your armpits.  And who wants to pay $80 for undergarments??  And ugly ones at that!  You don't want it, but you need it. 
I have worn my fair share of Spanx here and there, tummy toning tanks, thigh trimmers, firm control slips, etc.  But nothing has been everything I need, all rolled in to one piece.  So when I was at Walmart, of all places, and was just browsing, wasting some time the other day with the two little ones before we had to pick up big sis from preschool, I came upon the piece above, the Sweet Nothings Singlet Shaper, and I was intrigued.  I have the regular tummy and thigh trimming Spanx (the ones that look like old school spandex bike shorts), and I also have a toning tank.  But each of them end of moving and having to be pulled and stretched and readjusted throughout the day.  Annoying.  So I saw this singlet, and thought, "Hmm.  That would stay in place."  And the BEST part, the part that is important for nursing mamas, is that in the front, the tank part, only comes up to right under where the bottom of your bra hits, SO YOU CAN WEAR YOUR OWN BRA!  Awesome news, especially if the only bras you have in rotation (and have had in rotation for three years) are nursing bras.  That's the bad thing about other shapewear tanks.  As a nursing mama, having another layer to have to peel off each time you nurse your baby is a huge pain.  Not to mention that shapewear is meant to be restrictive, which is very uncomfortable when your boobs are constantly expanding with milk (sorry if it's TMI, but it's true).  So the fact that this singlet allows you to wear your own nursing bra and doesn't restrict your chest but constricts, smooths out the other area that need attention?
Yeah, it means that I bought it on the spot. 
Another awesome thing?  It was just $20!!!  A steal as far as shapewear is concerned.  And I'm sorry in advance, but I just have to add one last thing.  If you have ever worn Spanx, you know what a beast they are to get out of when you have to go to the bathroom.  And taking a look at the Singlet Shaper, you can imagine how much fun it would be to get out of that to go to the bathroom.  Pretty much full and complete undressing.  But oh no, the good, fine people at Maidenform thought of that too.  Let's just say that there is a secret "trap door" on the underside of the singlet that allows you to go to the bathroom without having to take the entire thing off.  It feels a bit like you're about to pee in your pants the first time, but then it's no big deal.  Genius.
So, if you are in need of good, supportive, affordable shapewear to wear under a body-con cocktail dress, or to smooth your love handles creeping over the top of your skinny jeans, or to suck in your third baby post partum tummy, and especially if you're a nursing mama, take a drive to your local WalMart and try it out.  I won't tell. :)
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  1. Awesome. Good info! I always wait until they are on zulily or something to try out because I am too cheap to pay full price, love the price of this one. Also, because you need one more blog to read haha, check out the blog She always writes about cute and trendy clothes that are nursing friendly too.

    1. Oooooh, I love new blogs to read! And yeah, that'll be number 678 that I have on my list... Ha!

  2. LOVE this! and i had to laugh, because i have SO been wearing nursing bras for a good three years now...and there is no end in sight. ;)

  3. lovely! I too have found good real life experience of Shapewear. Surely I would go for this very soon.


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