Friday, March 22, 2013

Five on Friday: Spring Dresses

I am so over winter.  I truly don't mind cold weather (check that...Southern "cold weather"), but once we get a little tease of sunny 70 degree days, I am ready to put away the sweaters and unpack the spring dresses. 
I am especially excited about spring fashion this year!  Lots of color, blousy and sheer tops, polka dots and stripes, skinny bottoms, feminine silhouettes, all which are pretty forgiving and mama appropriate, yet on trend.  And I have made a little promise to myself to get out of the jammies and yoga pants (at least the majority of the days in the week), and put some more effort into how I look nowadays.  Good or bad, I used to take how I looked very seriously, and I want to make it a priority again.  I mean, think about how good you feel about yourself when you put on a cute outfit and do your hair and makeup, versus staying in your comfies all day?  NOTHING bad about yoga pants (Lord knows we are best buds), but I just need to seriously get out of this funk. 
And as a matter of fact, I am dedicating all of next week to spring style!  Posts on how to build a mama wardrobe (I have been working on this for almost 4 years now!), spring trends, color crushes, etc.  So check back everyday next week for fun outfit and closet inspiration!  I don't claim to know it all, but I can still put a cute outfit together. :)
So, to kick off Spring Style Week a little early, my Five on Friday post is a small collection of super cute spring dresses that I found while doing some mindless online browsing.  Check them out!
1. Brighton Bay Chevron Print Shift Dress
Y'all know I have a thing for chevron.  I love the subtle pink in this dress, and that it's a generous shift style.  It would be cute worn belted as a dress, or as a tunic with a long statement necklace and skinnies until it gets warmer.  I just bought a black and white chevron tunic almost exactly like this, but may have to spring (ha!) for a pink one too.
2. Retrospect High-Low Dress
Two spring trends that I am loving here- polka dots (an all time fave of mine) and the high-low skirt.  The high-low thing has grown on me, as I was not such a fan at first.  But, when done in a subtle way, I think it's very light and flirty.  And as long as it's long enough in the front, I'm okay with it.  This dress can be worn in a thousand different ways; with a cardi or a blazer, cinched with a belt, with a chambray button up tied at the waist, with magenta tights and wedge ankle booties...I could go on forever.  And that's another reason I love it; I love pieces that are very versatile that you can wear in a lot of different ways for multiple outfits.
3. Malibu Evening Peplum Dress
Oh, if only I had a wedding to go to!  Or even a fancy bridal or baby shower!  I love two more trends on display here, lace/crochet detail, and the beautiful peplum.  The peplum seems to be a bit controversial, as you'd think that an extra ruffle of fabric grazing the widest part of most women's bodies would be unflattering.  But in fact, if worn correctly, they can emphasize a small waist and actually redirect it from the hips.  And the slim skirt underneath streamlines the silhouette below.  I love this bright coral as well.  So much to love!
4. Harper Striped Day Dress
 I have a collection of striped shirts in my closet.  I literally can't get enough.  I admit it, I have a stripe addiction.  There are some days when I'm heading out the door taking Brantley to preschool with all three kids in tow, that I realize we are all in stripes.  Different colors, sizes and styles, but all stripes.  It is such a traditional print, but can be mixed with so many other patterns to create interesting looks.  I feel like I would wear this dress every other day.  Seriously love the half sleeves, love that it's casual, but you will still look very put together, and you just can't get more classic than navy and white.  This one's for sure a winner.
5. Write Balance Dress
Love this sweet little printed dress!!  It would be so cute on a picnic, or to the zoo with the kids.  And it's hard to tell from the picture, but it has little cameras all over it!  How appropriate for this crazy photo-taking mama!  I am dying over the peter pan collar trend, I love it so much.  And this navy one contrasts so nicely with the light blue print of the dress.
So, I hope you liked my five spring dress choices, and hope you'll join me every day next week for Spring Style week!  The highs are only in the mid 50's in Loganville all next week, but we'll have bright spring style on the brain!  Have a GREAT weekend!!
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