Monday, March 11, 2013

Finding Our Church Home

My sweet boy, all dressed up and ready for his first time to church!
It has been a New Year's resolution of ours for three years now.  And for three years, we have failed.  All the typical excuses: we like to relax on our weekends, we had a baby, too busy, we moved, we had two babies, we're tired, on vacation, taking it easy, had three babies, really tired, etc.  But for some time now, I have been yearning for a church home for my family, for myself.
I didn't grow up going to church every single Sunday like my husband did.  We did join a church once I was in middle school, but when we moved to Iowa when I was a sophomore in high school, we were didn't go regularly again.  So I don't have a biblical education like Scott does.  Sometimes I'm embarrassed about it.  Like it's something I really ought to know, but just don't.  And that's something that I should be teaching my children.  That's one of the reasons I haven wanted to join a church.  I want Brantley, Grayson, and Bennett to be raised in church, to learn about God and Jesus from an early age, so they are comfortable with their faith.
I also have felt like I need to learn how to "let go and let God."  I wouldn't call myself a "control freak," but I do like to have a firm handle on things going on in my life.  But we all know that we are not the ones in control.  I need to learn more about God, learn how to trust and depend on Him through good and bad times, learn how to live my life by honoring Him, and praise Him.
And I love the idea of having a "church family."  Having friends through church, a support system, people that you chat with and see on a regular basis.  People that will help us on this journey, without judging the places we are in our spiritual lives and be there when we need assistance along the way. 
So, we went to church yesterday morning, which is a start.  We liked where we went and decided that we would try it again next week, which, I think, is a good start.  The kids actually love going to the nursery, and it's nice to sit in church with Scott and listen to the message without being preoccupied and/or multitasking.  I actually felt very close to his during the service today and proud to be his wife.  Not that I don't always feel like that (because I do), but I don't often have the opportunity to sit down with him one on one, and be conscious and present in the moment with those thoughts.  Another good reason to go to church.
So, we are still a work in progress as far as this goes, and obviously it's not a choice we can just make overnight.  But, we are working towards improving our life as a Christian family, and I am working towards being a more Christian mom, wife and woman.  And I'm pretty proud of that.
Stay tuned for our progress towards finding our church home. :)
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  1. This is awesome to hear! Can't wait to hear more about your journey (and see more pics of little B in his Sunday best). :)

  2. So where did you visit? We haven't found a home since years ago when we left Centerhill.

    1. We have had a hard time too. We went to First Baptist Church of Loganville on Sunday. There are several reasons we were hoping it would work for us, and this past Sunday, we really enjoyed the sermon and the message. For us, we prefer a more traditional versus contemporary service, but that's really hard to find nowadays. Especially with a young congregation. The music and style was contemporary, but there was still a bot of a tradtional feel to it. Good luck on your search!

    2. Yeah. After leaving Centerhill we had visited Oasis (Back in the day) and FBC Loganville. Bad thing is, we don't always get up and get going. But I love Ronnie. We just gotta make the effort to get there more and get plugged in. I grew up in FBC I know all about Traditional! Except now...even that church is different from the days....but that's ok. Good luck!


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