Monday, March 18, 2013

Desserts with Daddy

Last Thursday evening, Brantley's preschool had a special night for the kids and their fathers.  "Desserts with Daddy" was an opportunities for Daddies to come to school with their preschoolers, check out their classrooms, and learn a little bit about what the kids do in school.  This was a great chance for Scott to accompany his big girl to school, since the majority of all preschool duties fall to mama in our household.
 Brantley was SO proud and SOO excited that she and Daddy had a special "date" to her "pee-skool," and couldn't wait to show him her cubby and teach him their blessing.  They came home a little later on, and Brantley could hardly quit talking about everything they did and how Daddy saw all her friends. :) He was beaming, so was she, and I was a little teary.  How is it that they grow up so quickly?? 

Then, Brantley showed off this GEM of a momento, a picture that she drew of her and her Daddy (Have you seen these??  Yeah, totally doing this or something like it).  I nearly died of preciousness overload when I saw it.  And on the bottom (hard to see in the photo) are some questions that Brantley answered about her Daddy (her answers are underlined). 
My Daddy is 2 years old.
He works at work.
My Daddy's eyes are blue. (Correct!)
My Daddy's favorite food is green beans.
My Daddy's favorite color is blue. (Also correct!)
My favorite thing to do with Daddy is paint.  (I don't think they have ever painted together :))
I think they had a wonderful time, and Gracie and I were able to spend some good girl time together after Ben fell asleep.  A fun evening for all. :)
And if you were wondering about the desserts part of Desserts with Dad, the parents provided the eats!  I "made" some suuuuuper easy but completely delicious cookie pizzas and sent them in with Brantley and Scott.  I cheated and bought pre-made sugar cookies and cream cheese frosting, and then just added some blueberries and diced strawberries on top.  Done!  These Fruit Topped Cookie Pizzas were so yummy (not that I snuck a few), and I will definitely make them again.  Especially when I need something in a pinch!
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