Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Flatbread Does it Again

My favorite purchase at the grocery store in the past few weeks?  Whole Wheat Flatbread.  I found it in the deli/bakery section, and it's quite a multi-tasker.
Last week I made my Mediterranean Hummus Flatbread last week, and it was delicious.  But, there were a few days when I was out for lunch, so I had a few flatbreads left.  So, when I was searching quickly through the fridge yesterday at lunchtime, trying to find something quick and easy for myself, I spied a smidge of leftover mozzerella cheese and got a great idea. 
Flatbread Pizza.
I have made pizzas with tortillas for the girls on occasion, but they're pretty flimsy.  But my beloved flatbreads are nice and solid, and are a perfect sub-in for pizza dough or a pizza crust in a pinch.
So, I had a can of tomato sauce in the pantry, and my leftover mozzeralla, and a bit of basil that I minced up, and I threw together an impromptu Margherita Flatbread Pizza.  And it was AWESOME!
Easy Margherita Flatbread Pizza
1 Whole Wheat Flatbread
About 3 Tablespoons of Tomato Sauce, Pizza Sauce or Marinara Sauce
About 1/4 cup shredded part skim mozzerella cheese
1/2 Tablespoon minced basil
Sprinkle of Italian Seasoning
Sprinkle of salt and pepper
Spoon on the tomato sauce, pizza sauce or marinara sauce and spread over the flatbread.
Sprinkle on cheese.
Sprinkle on basil, seasoning, salt, and pepper.
Put into toaster over on medium setting until cheese is melted and edges are crispy (just a few minutes)!
Done!  Yummy, super easy, and pretty healthy pizza!  You can add toppings, or just leave as is.  It would also be so good with pesto instead of tomato sauce, or with more veggies, garlic, or even an alfredo sauce and chicken?  The options are endless.  The point is, use the flatbread as a pizza crust!  It's so good!  Super easy lunch!
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