Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So, Yeah. I'm Ready to Get After It.

Seriously about to do this to my fridge
Bennett is 4 1/2 months old now.  Being a third time mama, I know these things take time, and I have not put a bit of pressure on myself.  Also, since I am breastfeeding, I know that I can't go on a "diet" because I need to eat plenty to keep my milk supply up and in good quality.
I am soooooooooo beyond ready to get back into shape. 
It hasn't helped that the holidays have done their damage, and if you're going to put on any weight, it'll be during the colder months, and well, it's been the colder months.  I'm sure the multiple glasses of wine I have each night haven't helped either.  I lost a good bit of baby weight right after Bennett was born, but I have been on a weight-losing plateau for about 2 months now.  Good: I haven't gained any additional weight.  Bad: I haven't lost any more weight.  I'm about 10 pounds away from my Bennett pre-pregnancy weight.  About 20 pounds away from my before-any-children-pre-pregnancy weight.  And about 30 pounds away from where I would really like to be.  That might be a stretch, though.  I'd be very happy with 20 pounds.
More veg.  Less cheese dip.  More (MUCH more) water.  Less wine (hmm...maybe just more water).  More whole grains, less oreos.  More stroller walks.  Less lounging in sweats on the sofa. 
I have sit idle on the sofa for long enough.  I know that my body will most likely never look like it did before children, and I am completely okay with that.  And I am also not talking about training for marathons, here.  I just don't want to live with this body that I am completely unfamiliar with. 
So any tips that you have or things that you're doing to commit to a healthy lifestyle would be great encouragement to me!  I want to make this a family-inclusive effort, and thank goodness my kids are so good vegetable eaters and very active anyway (Grayson would single-handedly eat an entire can of green beans if she could), so kid-friendly recipes and activities would be great.  I have had a "Healthy Living" board on Pinterest for quite sometime, and have been filing away ideas for when I was ready to really hunker down, and start eating right again and getting active again.
I'm ready.
So who's with me??!
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  1. I am with ya, but the full time job, mommy duties, and travel ball keep deterring me...hmmm....must find a solution!

    If you are ever at Meridian, walking, maybe I will find myself there some day. Or Coach Rhodes does a bootcamp class at the GA Sports Center, off of 81. Check it out!

  2. I did the same, lost a bunch right away and then plateaued for months. I'll tell you what i did, maybe it can help. I did cardio for 30 min a day thats it, no crazy abs or arms or diet. Totally agree with you breastfeeding takes precedent so no dieting for me either. 30 min of a good heart rate increasing cardio, i chose to run but you could do whatever. If i couldn't get a run in I did Jillian Micheals 30 day shred during nap time. LOVE IT and it's quick (20 min) but even at level 2 you will be sore! Once I did that i got rid of about 7 more of my remaining 10 lbs. The last 3 have been a pain in my butt (no pun intended) and then randomly but SLOWLY they finally just came off. Now I am trying to motivate to start doing some arm workouts and ab workouts, I live a mile from beach and want to feel cofindent in my suit this summer!


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