Friday, February 22, 2013

Five on Friday: Sewing for Spring

As we get closer to the warmer months that lie ahead of us, I am getting more and more excited about sewing for spring and summer.  Sweet summer dresses, picnic blankets, short sleeved onesies, I could go on and on. 
I have seen some really cute ideas and adorable sewing patterns that I would love to dig into and make some cute things for all of us for springtime .  So for my Five on Friday today, here are 5 really cute sewing ideas for the spring.
1. Ruffled Pajama Shorts
How adorable are these little ruffled shorts!  I'm thinking I make a couple pairs of these for each girl, buy some tanks, and summer pjs are taken care of!
2. Pillowcase Dresses
Adorable, simple and easy to customize with pretty, colorful fabrics!  I love these dresses and would love to make them for the girls.
3. Huge Beach Towel Blanket
Great idea...take several cheap walmart beach towels, sew them together and make a huge beach blanket!  Done and done.  We'll be bringing one of these to the beach this year!
4. Ruffle Dress
They call this the 20 minutes Ruffle Dress.  Hmmm...we'll see if it only takes 20 minutes...but won't they be adorable when they do get done?!
5. Teddy Bears or Rabbits Toys
How cute would these little bears like in the kids Easter baskets?!  Maybe I could even make them into bunnies.  Simple, but so precious.  And definitely keepsakes. :)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!  See you Monday!
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