Friday, February 1, 2013

Five on Friday: Little Things

Thought I would share five little things that have made me happy this past week for my Five on Friday post:

This little boy was a dream as we waited for Sally Kate to arrive on Wednesday.  He just giggled at us, took his bottles, "talked" to PaDaddy, played on his blanket on the floor, talked to his tiger carseat toy, and napped.  As a matter of fact, all three kids were wonderfully behaved.  I was one proud mama. :)

 Brantley started writing her name on our chalkboard wall this week.  Now, she's writing her name on EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE.  But it's so precious, and I love it.  She's so proud of herself, and it reminds me of all the books of my childhood that have my name scrawled in them... :)
 I bought a big bag of romaine lettuce, and have been making the most delicious salads for lunch all week.  Roasted beets, blue cheese, apples, red onion, sauteed chicken, homemade balsamic vineagrette, fresh bread, grilled asparagus, whatever I have in the fridge, etc.  And Gracie has been stealing a few bites too, they have been so good!  And easy, thank goodness!

A little thing that was a big deal to me, thank you for all the wonderful response from my post about my mommy confessions!  Isn't it a shame that we feel like we can't be honest and we have to put on a front of being the perfect mom all the time!?  Well, I refuse.  Yes, I do a lot.  Yes, I love cooking, crafting, sewing, playing with my kids, and being a stay at home mom.  Am I on top of my game 24/7??  Absolutely not.  Far from it.  And I thank all the moms that reached out to me and let me know I was not (and they were not!) alone.  We moms need to support each other!  It's okay to be vulnerable.  You are among friends here. :)
And she is certainly a little thing, but she is quite a big deal.  Miss Sally Kate was the highlight of the week, born to my brother and his wife on Wednesday.  Can't wait to see her again this weekend. :)
I'm linking up with Lindsay at Hello Hue for her It's the Little Things Link Up!
I hope you and yours have had a wonderful week, and have a fantastic weekend ahead of you!
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