Friday, February 8, 2013

Five on Friday: Ballerina Inspiration

She certainly does not lack personality :)
I cannot get enough of my little ballerina.  I look forward to every Thursday afternoon when we get to peek through the teeny window in the dance studio, to catch a glimpse of Miss Brantley practicing her plies and eleves. 
So naturally, lately I have been drawn to ballet inspired art, clothing and accessories, and thought for the Five on Friday post, that I would share some of my favorites that I have found on etsy.
1. Ballet Wrap Sweater
I love this romantic ballet wrap sweater.  I think it begs for a soft chiffon dress with a billowy skirt.  And ballet flats, of course.
2. Ballerina Cookie Bouquet
How cute is this cookie bouquet?!  If there is one thing my girl loves it's sweets, and I think this would be adorable to give her for her recital!  Mama might get to snag one too...
3. Crocheted Baby Ballet Slippers
From Lil Kahuna Crochet on Etsy
How sweet are these little crocheted ballet slippers?!!  If I had another little baby girl, I would be all over these.  I wish I had seen these when my Gracie girl was still a baby!
4. Ballet Slipper Necklace
There is nothing more precious than my sweet girl's first pair of ballet slippers, and though I initially saw this necklace and wanted it for Brantley, I almost want it for myself.  Almost as a symbol of her.  It's so dainty and ladylike, and I think it's so sweet.
5. Tiny Dancer Shirt
From Goat & Lulu on Etsy

You know I had to throw in a little shameless self-promotion, right?! 
I created the Tiny Dancer shirt right after we signed up sweet Brantley for ballet class.  Grayson showed support of big sis during her first class, and the shirt was so precious!!  And of course, it's up and for sale in the etsy shop. :) :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
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