Thursday, February 28, 2013

Easter Mantel

So, it took me until now to get my Christmas decorations down.  I had good intentions of putting up a cute Valentine's garland, our Valentine's mailboxes, but no dice.  Too much going on around here.  But, since Easter is a little early this year, I didn't want to miss my chance at a change in the seasonal decor, and decided to go ahead and decorate the mantel for Easter the other day.
Just looking at the fireplace makes me think of spring now!
My extremely talented brother made the incredible organic bloom-style frame for me for Christmas, and I finally used this technique from the blog Infarrantly Creative to adhere my favorite most recent picture of the kids.  It's a a very inexpensive major statement over the fireplace.  I can repaint it to match changing decor, and can also easily change the picture once the kids get a little bigger!
I just need to raise the frame up a smidge.  Then, done!  I got the cute little white bunny on the left (you can't tell in the picture, but it's sequined) in the dollar bin at Target (it was actually $3, but what a deal!).  And the framed bunny silhouette on the right was something I made last year.  I just googled an image of a bunny silhouette, blew it up, traced it, cut it out, and backed it with burlap.  Framed it and done!  Burlap Bunny Silhouette art.
I love this cute little Easter Bunny garland that I made last year too.  I just used a bunny template that I drew, and traced 17 bunnies onto scrapbook paper.  Cut them out, glued a cotton ball on for the tail, and laced them onto a long piece of baker's twine, and voila!  Bunny Garland! 
I love how springy the mantel looks!  Especially since it's been cold and (very) rainy outside this past week.  Makes me feel like spring is right around the corner!

I also have this little ceramic egg out on one of our side tables, that's pretty special to me.  This little Happy Easter egg was given to me by my late grandmother on my first Easter!  I remember looking at it as a child and always loving it.  Now I'm keeping it out of reach of little hands for a while, but I'm still looking at it closely like I did as a child.

So that's the extent of our Easter decorating thus far.  I figure I have a solid month to add to it still, though, so what's the rush!
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