Monday, February 18, 2013

Burlap Covered Baby Spoon Canvas DIY

I am certainly a sentimental mama.  I have Brantley's first Christmas dress in her closet and look at it all the time.  I have Grayson's first pair of keds in her sock drawer and I love to see them and remember how teeny tiny her little feet were.  But, I'm tired of having all of these sweet mementos put away in drawers.  They are wonderful parts of our family story, and I want to start to incorporate them into our decor.  I don't want our friends to see my house decorated with random art from your typical big box store, but a collection of pieces of the history of our family, all lovingly curated and put together over time.
So, when I kept opening our silverware drawer and see my childrens sweet silver baby spoons just sitting there in all their engraved glory and hardly seeing the light of day, I decided that something had to be done about it.  I found a blank 8x10 canvas and some scrap burlap in my craft closet, and got to thinking on a simple way to display the sweet baby spoons.
The Burlap Covered Baby Spoon Canvas is what I came up with!
I have a tendency to "gild the lily" sometimes when I'm crafting, or painting pottery, and just go overboard with the decorations (umm, have you seen my gallery walls?  There is hardly a wall in my house that is not covered with pictures.  I'm a more is more kind of girl.).  But I really wanted to try and make this simple, and let the attention go to the precious baby spoons.
It was a very simple project; start to finish, it took only about 20 minutes.  And here's what you need to make a Burlap Covered Baby Spoon Canvas of your own!
Obviously, Baby Spoons!  I bought Brantley's and Grayson's right after Grayson was born from the etsy shop Say What Creations.  They were a very good price, and each spoon is stamped with each child's name.  I picked up Bennett's right before Christmas.
8x10 canvas
Scrap of burlap, about 12x16 inches.
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
4 silver thumb tacks

So first you just need to cover your canvas with the burlap.  This is not difficut, but it just takes some pulling and gluing and trimming to get it nice and neat.  I like using burlap a bit bigger than the canvas so you have plenty of extra and you can trim it when it's all in place.

I would glue one side and pull it tight, then glue the side opposite to it.  That way the burlap is taught against the canvas and there's no slack to it.

Just keep gluing, stretching and trimming until the burlap has covered the front of the canvas.

Trim the back.
Flip it to the front and stick the thumb tacks in on the corners.  On my canvas, they went right in very easily.  You could definitely do an entire border with the thumb tacks, but for this canvas, I wanted to keep it simple.
Then just hot glue your spoons into place!  Easy and done!

 I like how simple it looks, and yet it's a great way to display these very special pieces.

This would also be a great way to display vintage or antique silverware, or a complete placesetting.

 I love how it looks hanging on my kitchen wall!  I have one more burlap covered canvas to make to compliment it for my kitchen.  I'll post a picture when it's complete!
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  1. Aw, this is so stirring. :) Not everyone would’ve thought of keeping their babies’ spoons, of all things! But it’s cute, especially with the engraved names on the handles. ^.^


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