Monday, February 25, 2013

5 Months

When Brantley and Grayson were babies, I could hardly wait for them to
hit the next milestone.
I was anxious for them to sit up, excited to try baby food, encouraging them to roll over,
to crawl, to walk.
It's not that I didn't enjoy the time with them as babies, not at all.  I just didn't love the moments, and savor the stages in between the milestones.  The entire journey, not just the destination.
Not the case with this little man.
5 months is such an amazing age.  He is so aware and observant.  Taking in and reacting to his entire environment.  Me.  His sisters.  Daddy.  Monkey.  His toys.  His feet.  On the verge on at least some independence, he is trying new things everyday.
He is especially engaged by Brantley and Grayson.  His biggest belly laughs have been directed towards them, after they have done something silly to get his attention.
He is about to sit up on his own, and he is trying baby food.  Two things I'm convinced he'll love once he masters them.
He is really beginning to play with toys, and put everything in his mouth.  Especially his feet.
But as for me, his mama, and with Ben being my last baby, I am savoring this time with my boy and am not wishing time away.  He is such a beautiful and happy baby, and I know I'll never have these sweet moments again.  We are on the verge of exciting times, growth and learning, and of course I want him to grow and develop as he should. 
But if time stood still at 5 months, I would not be disappointed. 
What a precious boy.  God certainly knew what he was doing when he surprised us with Ben.
So here are the highlights from Ben's 5th month:
 I love you, my sweet boy!
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