Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pics On My Phone

I thought that for today, I'd share with you some random pics from my phone that I have taken recently.  :)
My poor Gracie Girl just isn't used to her big girl bed yet. :)  We've had to put a baby gate at their door so she doesn't come out, but it doesn't keep her in her bed!  Last night I went in to check on them and found her snoozing away on the floor, right by the threshold and gate. :)

This pic was taken in between coughs from my baby boy. :(  We all have a nasty cold and cough right now, and my poor boy was crying after he coughed; you just know it was hurting his poor little chest. :( :(  Broke my mama heart.

Since Christmas, Brantley and Grayson are the proud owners of more dress up clothes than anyone can imagine. :)  And they are more than willing to share with mommy... :)

Bammy visited last week and oh, how we miss her!  Mama might as well not even exist when Bammy's around.  She's getting some snuggles with Ben, here. :)

My sweet Brantley Girl, on our way home from cousin Raleigh's first birthday party.  CAN'T BELIEVE she's starting ballet today (more on that tomorrow...)!!

Ben wearing his first John Deere shirt :)

Daddy got some good one on one time in with Bennett over the weekend, and then Monkey got jealous. :)
Can't wait to share Brantley's first ballet class with you tomorrow, and also some awesome
Goat & Lulu news! :) :)
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