Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nothing Says "Merry Christmas, Honey" Like a Three-Crock Slow Cooker

My husband is the king of very practical gifts.  He gets made fun of in my family because of the extremely romantic gift he gave me for our first Valentine's Day, an umbrella.  And it's not that he's not thoughtful, in fact, he's very thoughtful!  That first Valentine's Day, actually, he told me that he bought the umbrella for me after he saw me running to my car during a rainstorm, soaked, because I did not have an umbrella.  So, why not buy me one at the next opportunity!  And he always asks me for a list of things I want, but he rarely buys anything off said list.  So this Christmas, when he got home from shopping for me (on Christmas Eve, I might add, typical man :)), and told me that my gift was going to make my life "easier," I had no idea what I was in for.  He said that I had complained about this and my gift was going to help me out during the day, I was completely stumped.  But when he brought out my gift (he doesn't like to wrap, so he just hid it and brought it out when we were opening presents-ha!), I knew what he meant.
I got a three-crock slow cooker!
Not this exact one, but very similar :)
I complain a lot about not being able to make good, healthy dinners for the family as easily anymore.  As any mom can attest, that witching hour around 5:00 or so, right when I would normally be in the middle of cooking dinner, the girls are at their most irritable, not interested in helping or playing quietly, and Bennett is inevitably hungry and/or refuses to be set down.  And I really do love to cook dinners for my family, and have just started to get the itch to get back into the kitchen (after a hiatus during the second half of my pregnancy until now).  So having to crack open cans of Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli and Ramen Noodles night after night (though delicious and nothing I am ashamed of!) just wasn't cutting it anymore.
So, my ever so practical gift-giving husband hit the nail on that practical head when he saw the three crock slow cooker.
I actually love it. 
I have to admit, I was a little caught off guard at first, and not so thrilled (but not so surprised), but after doing a little bit of slow cooker recipe searching online and cooking dinner in it a few timese now, I think it's going to be perfect.  I can make a roast in one pot and vegetables in the other, and dessert in the third!  Or, I can make three dinners in one day and have meals for the entire week!  Or, if we were to have a party or friends over, I could make three different dips for a buffet at one time.  It allows a lot of versatility and lots of options.
And last week, I made a yummy dinner of slow cooker Taco Shredded Chicken.  Then we just made some quick minute rice, and nuked some black beans for two minutes, and had chicken burrito bowls!  And in the second crock, I made our very favorite cheese dip to eat separately or drizzle over the top of the burrito bowls.  The kids were fans, and both Scott and I cleaned our plates.  I cooked the chicken for about 4 hours on high, and there was no prep or pre-cooking really at all.  Finally, a good, home cooked and healthy meal that I hardly had to make at all.  Actually, I put it all the in the slow cooker that morning while my coffee was brewing.
So, thank you, honey, for my wonderful Christmas present.  And thank you for being the practical one. :)
(PS-The Taco Shredded Chicken is super easy- 1 1/2 pounds chicken breasts, 1 package of taco seasoning and 1 can rotel.  Cook on high 4-5 hours or low 7-8 hours.  Shred chicken and eat as tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, or nachos!)
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  1. I made that chicken, but with a jar of salsa, and I didn't like it! I will have to try the Rotel. I love a good burrito bowl!!

    And, I had to buy my own gift win some you loose some.


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