Friday, January 18, 2013

My Little Ballerina

I have literally dreamed of this day since I found out I was having a baby girl.  Pink leotards, leg warmers, delicate pink chiffon skirts.  Hair pulled back in a bun. 
Ballet shoes.
My big girl had her first ballet class today.  I was one proud mama.
I started getting all sentimental when I was getting her dressed.  She was so excited as we put on her shimmery pink tights that are a bit loose around the ankles.  Then her little pink scoopneck leotard, and her sweet pink chiffon skirt that I had to take in a bit because it fell right off her narrow little hips.  She kept looking me straight in the eyes, with such a sweet smile, almost like she knew just how special this was to me. 
We got to the dance studio, and had to buy Brantley her ballet shoes.  So her new teacher helped her pick out the ones she wanted and tried them on.  When they found the ones she wanted, and the right size, Brantley looked at me, her face lit up in a huge smile.  She was so excited and loved her new sweet ballet shoes.
My Gracie Girl modeled her Goat & Lulu Tiny Dancer Shirt :)

After Brantley went back, Grayson and I huddled over by the tiny window looking into the class, and tried to catch a glimpse of our Brantley girl.  We watched the little girl with pigtails (per her request) as she skipped across the wooden floor, as she learned first position, second position and third position, and as she did her first plie.  She was a vision of pure innocence.  She surpassed every expectation I had of this rite of passage.  It was so beautiful, and having to watch her through that tiny window, it was almost ethereal, dream-like.

After 45 minutes (that passed like five), my little ballerina came out, got her three stickers, and curtsied to her teacher.  She came out with that same sweet smile from earlier, and when she saw me, it broke into a full-out grin. 
She loved it.
We went and got cupcakes afterwards to celebrate.  There is a delicious little bakery right next door to the dance studio (that was on Cupcake Wars!), and we ran in and caused a ruckus as my two silly girlies ate their cupcakes, frosting first, of course.  Brantley did not take a breath as she talked about her new ballet friends (though she doesn't know any of their names), how much she loved "ba-yay
c-yass," and asking when she could go back.

Yeah, she's having a cupcake the size of her head and a can of Sprite.  Mom of the Year, right here.
The day was what dreams are made of.  It was truly something I have always looked forward to, watching my darling girl dance in ballet class.  I thought she would like it, but the girl would hardly take her leotard off, she loves it so much. 
Me!  About 1986
Maybe as much as her mama did about 27 years ago. :)
My little ballerina...
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  1. How cute and so so so sweet! Your babies are so precious! Celebrations definitely call for Sprite and huge chocolate cupcakes! =)
    Love those pigtails!
    Can't wait until my little girl is old enough for some sort of lessons!

    New follower via Hello Hue =)

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! And thanks so much for coming over!! :) :)


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