Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mama Style: 1 Dress Worn 5 Ways

Did you notice anything different?  :) I am doing some updating and rebranding! Yay!! I am in the process of changing the blog from "The Lutons Take Loganville" to "Goat & Lulu," in an effort to keep everything consistent, and easier on me. And I am excited about it!  So, I think I have changed it correctly (I am a self-taught blogger, so everything I learn/do is googled and tried out several times, so I appreciate your patience!), and if I've done it right, the new address is  Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled post...
Since having kids, I don't buy nearly the amount of clothes for myself that I used to.  The kids clothes are a much higher priority (and are so much cuter and more fun to buy anyway), and that, of course, is totally fine with me.  But I still love clothes just as much as I used to!  So when I do buy new items, they have to be very versatile and work with lots of things in my closet for more than one type of occasion.
Enter this black dress.
From Shade Clothing and on sale right now!! 
Instead of the "Little Black Dress," I call it the Mama Black Dress (or MBD if you like a good acronym :)).  I got it for Christmas, knowing it would be such an amazing base for layering and it definitely has been.  It is very easy to throw on, just as easy as jeans or yoga pants, and just as comfortable!  And dresses are insta-outfits, foolproof, no matching tops and bottoms.  And I don't know about you, but dresses always make me feel a bit more ladylike and put together anyway.  And require little effort!
This dress has a flattering scoop neck that looks great on just about every body type, and a nipped in waist and an A-line skirt that also look good on just about anyone.  And with a few accessories, you can dress it up or down, and change the look completely.
So I put together five outfits with this dress, very similar to ones that I have worn myself.  The dress is certainly cute enough to just wear alone with heels or flats like the model in the picture, but why not take it to another level with some flair!
Outfit 1
It took a bit of time to grown on me, but I like this tribal poncho trend.  And I am a sucker for a good, cozy cardigan.  Pull on some black leggings, brown ankle boots and layer on a few gold necklaces, and this is an easy, casual look that will just as easily take you shopping as it will picking up the kids from preschool.  The dress plays more like a tunic and lets the cardigan shine. 
Outfit 2
If you need a sass-ssy look, then this is it!  I think the fur vest is so chic, and with an arm full of gold bangles and some fierce red heels, you are ready to go out on a smoking-hot dinner date.  This outfit is obviously not for when you're toting the kids around or playing in the floor, but a mama needs to get out on the town every once in a while.  Good thing you can wear the same dress to do both!
Outfit 3
 I wore almost this exact outfit the other day!  I talked about my very favorite new scarf, my gray cowl, last week, and I have been wearing it with tee shirts and jeans, button ups, and this black dress.  This is obviously a much more casual look, perfect for a mommy on the go.  I have these Fergie boots (except mine are a taupe-y gray) and I love the cowboy boot-style heel.  It is so hard to find boots with a decent heel; they are either 5 inches (not gonna happen anymore), or completely flat.  And I love a good pair of flat boots, but being 5'3", I need a boost sometimes.  And this boot has a thicker and sturdier heel (thanks to the aforementioned cowboy style), and makes it very easy to wear all day, including pushing strollers and carrying toddlers.  Throw a big non-diaper-bag-looking diaper bag over your shoulder and add some simple jewelry, and you're done.  Boom.  Cute mom.
Outfit 4
Maybe my favorite outfit I put together!  I am obsessed with these adorable collar necklaces that give just about any top or dress with a scoop or crew neck, the look of a beaded peter pan collar.  And tucked nicely under this amazing graphic striped blazer, nobody will know the difference!  And these fantastic emerald green booties (the Pantone color of 2013, by the way) top off the look.  Throw in a neutral clutch and you will turn heads!  Again, another dressy outfit, not for the everyday, but too fun to not include. :)
Outfit 5
I also wore almost this exact outfit the other day.  Another one of my favorite new scarves, the leopard infinity scarf draws attention up to your face.  I always have sunglasses on my head, and I love the nude belt to create a bit of color contrast at the waist, and an ultra-classic pair of black ballet flats.  This look is so easy and simple, but looks very put together.  You can wear this down in the floor having tea parties with your little girls (done it,) or to the grocery store (been there too), or out to dinner.  Can't get much more versatile than that.
So if you're tired of the same old jeans, or the same old dress by itself with the same boring flats, try one or more of these new looks!  And it doesn't have to be a black dress, I think all of these looks can translate to your favorite pair of jeans, or a classic pair of black pants you just need some new ideas for.  And I hope it also shows that having great basics and just adding colorful, trendy and/or exciting accessories and layers can really change up an outfit. 
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  1. I LOVE this post! Great style! Xxx

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