Thursday, January 10, 2013

Keeping it Real: Playroom Destruction (Again)

I was folding clothes in the den.  Bennett was taking a nap.  And I thought the girls were playing nicely in the playroom.  Clearly, I was mistaken.
And really, what was I thinking????
Markers are pretty much off limits in our house unless a rouge Crayola makes it into the playroom.  This time, it was a cheap thin marker from one of their Christmas craft kits.  Red.  And it ended up ALL.OVER.THE.WALLS.AND.FURNITURE.
These pictures certainly do not do Brantley's artwork justice.  She drew so much on the walls that when I saw it, I started to cry.  We will have to paint the playroom.  I did want to do that, eventually, but we'll have to attack that chore a lot sooner now.  I'm thinking that some heavy duty lysol spray on the bookcase, the side table, the kitchen, the toybox, the high chair, the table and chairs, and the dress up unit will get most of the marker off the furniture, but honestly, I haven't been in there again to even attempt. 
I should've known that leaving those two little monsters in the playroom without checking on them for more than 5 minutes at a time would result in pure destruction.  They were just too quiet. :)
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  1. Oh no!! Try a magic eraser on the walls, it might keep you from having to repaint.

  2. I also vote for an initial attempt with the Magic Eraser! Those things have done wonders for scuff marks on our walls from the move. Maybe B can even be responsible for (attempting to) clean the furniture and toy pieces that were in the line of fire? If all else fails, at least it's a good excuse for a fun, new, playroom re-vamp?

  3. i agree with the magic eraser, BUT be careful, because it will take off the marker, but it can also take off the paint!! (not that i would know from experience or anything...) ;)

    1. Thanks ladies!! I think I will attempt a magic eraser cleaning overhaul this weekend. And if it doesn't work, like Lindsay said, it'll be time for a playroom redo! And Brantley will definitely be involved in the cleaning process!!!


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