Monday, January 28, 2013

Keeping It Real: Mommy Confessions

I don't want to ever give the impression that I have got it all together.  I have good days, when I get a lot done, the girls play well together, we bake cupcakes and Bennett takes a couple of two hour naps, I have a great dinner made when Scott gets home, and all the dishes are done before I go to bed.  But those days are few and far between.  Rare, actually. 
So, I thought I would admit to a couple of embarrassing things, in the hopes that if you happen to stay in your jammies for 48 hours or more too, that you know you're not alone. :)
-Sometimes (okay, more like once a day or so) I grab a bag of Curious George Fruit Snacks ("gummies," in our house), shut myself in the pantry and eat them by myself so I don't have to share them.  The girls would undoubtedly ask me to give them one, and I don't want to seet a bad example by not sharing.  So I hide instead.  I want my gummies all to myself.
-I have been known to fake an upset stomach so I can go and sit by myself in the bathroom, just to quietly read a People magazine I have stashed under the sink.  Those 15 minutes are like GOLD.
-Ben is always craning his neck to look at the tv, so if I need to get some dishes done or laundry put away, sometimes I'll lay him in his little rock n' play put him right in front of the tv and let him catch up on Caillou or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Yeah, he's only 4 months old and they say not to let kids under 2 watch tv, but I swear Brantley learned the alphabet watching Super Why, so maybe he's learning something while I tidy the house. :)
-And as I write this, I am in the same jammies that I wore all day yesterday.  And slept in last night.  And will sleep in tonight.  And will most likely wear tomorrow.  I do enough laundry as it is with three kids.  I'm not trying to give myself any more work.  Thank goodness the girls think "Jammie Days" are so much fun!
So those are my confessions.  Is anyone with me?  Do you do anything in the comfort of your own home that you're embarrassed to admit!  Join in!  You're among friends!  And understanding mamas!  :)
P.S.- Today is my sister in law and brother's due date for their first baby!!!!!  I am so excited for Miss Sally Kate's arrival, so keep them in your prayers for a safe and easy delivery!  We can't wait for Sally Kate!
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  1. first of all....SO exciting for a new baby cousin!! :)
    and i pretty much do all of the above. ha!
    libbi is very into taking polls right now and having people raise their hands. like, "who wants to eat some gummies?" and then you're supposed to say, "ME!" and raise your hand. (laney loves this game). well, the other day she said, "Who's been in their jammies for all the long days?!" and looked directly at me waiting for me to raise my hand and say, "ME!" guess i was officially busted for wearing my jammies for more than just "bedtime" ;-)

    1. Amy that is hilarious!!! :) And I'm so glad I'm not alone, it actually took a while for me to finally have the guts to post this! We had a verrrry lazy weekend, and had jammies weekend, pretty much! Brantley loves it and thinks it's so funny when we eat dinner in our jammies! Haha!

  2. I'm right there with ya sister. My oldest decided he is over naps but mama needs an hour to herself today so while the littlest is currently sleeping, Rowan is in his room, laying in his bed with the ipad so I can well, scour blogs. :)

  3. ps i had no clue ramsey's baby was due already! Sooo exciting!

  4. These made me giggle, because I can totally relate! I eat rubbish snacks while the boys nap because I don't share chocolate! Glad I'm not alone!


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