Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Wall

It's been a while since I did a DIY post, and thought I'd share one with you today!
I kinda have a *thing* for chalkboards.  They are all over everywhere, and it's just a home decor trend that I am in love with right now.  I have also seen the most amazing chalkboard walls all over pinterest for some time now, and knew that I wanted to have one somewhere in my house.  Chalkboard walls in the kitchen, in the nursery, you name the room, there's a picture of a chalkboard wall in it.  But since my girls looooove to write on the walls (did you see this??), I thought a chalkboard wall all for them in the upstairs of our house would be perfect.
I love our house, and that we have the kids bedrooms, the master bedroom and the playroom on the main floor.  But we also have an upstairs, with an additional bedroom (the guest room) and bathroom, and this awesome loft space.  I have carved a little corner out to be my sewing corner (more on that in a later post), but the rest of the loft area has become an additional playroom for the kids.  It's especially nice for when I have some sewing to do, and they can play upstairs with me while I get some work done!  ANYWAY...we have this big blank wall where I decided the chalkboard wall was going to go.  It was a super simple project, and anyone that can paint can easily do it.  I did the painting portion during naptime.
So here's what you need:
Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint
Blue Painters Tape
Step One.  Pick a Wall.
Step Two.  Tape off baseboards, outlets, etc.  Put down drop cloth.
Step Three.  Paint one even coat, wait 4 hours to dry, paint another coat.
Duh, right?  Pretty easy and self explanatory.
Done?  Not yet.
With chalkboard paint, you need to wait 3 days for it to set.  So, make sure the littles stay away from the wall until that third day is up.  I know, it's hard!  And then, once the 3 days are up, you have to condition the wall.  Take a piece of chalk (I used sidewalk chalk, which is much bigger and thus takes less time and effort), turn it on it's side, and rub the entire wall (or area you plan on drawing on) with the side of the chalk.  Then, dry erase the entire thing with an eraser or cloth towel.  What you're doing by conditioning the wall is creating a thin layer of chalk dust all over the wall so that you are easily able to erase any drawing or writing on the wall.  If you don't condition it, it's very difficult to remove chalk from the wall, without using a wet cloth.
Now, if you're painting the wall strictly for decoration and what you're drawing on the wall you want to stay for a while and you don't plan on erasing it or using it for little artists, then by all means, don't condition.  But, in our case, our chalkboard wall is a functional drawing space.  Thus, conditioning was needed.  You can always put a good clean on it to remove chalk dust build-up, and then you just wipe clean with a wet cloth, and then re-condition.
Once you're conditioned, you're good to go!
I went ahead and decorated the top a bit where the girls can't reach!  It was really fun, and the girls had a BLAST drawing on the wall.  And mama was actually encouraging them! :)
I added some cute printables (free and found on pinterest!) and drew "frames" around them.
I will definitely be changing these out regularly, and how fun will this be to write out cute messages to the kids?! 

Brantley LOVED writing her name; we must've done it 30 times.  But it was really fun for both of us. :) 
So if your littles like to write on the wall like mine do, give them a wall that they CAN write on!  As much as their little hearts desire.  I think they kind of felt like they were getting away with something!!
And I will have one more SUPER easy, SUPER cheap, and SUPER cute playroom DIY this week!  Check back!
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  1. this is adorable!
    when do you sleep? ha! :)
    also....i'm sure you already know this, but i've found that the chalkboard markers are VERY difficult to get off of chalkboards i've painted myself. if it's store bought, i haven't had a problem. but i found out the hard way that if i made it myself, it's best to stick to the good old fashioned chalk. :)

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