Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY $12 Striped Table

We have had a basic white $8 Ikea Lack side table in the playroom for quite sometime.  And I have wanted to jazz it up for quite sometime too.  I thought about painting the top a chalkboard (did a wall instead!), thought about making it a lego table (will probably splurge on another one to do that in a few years), and then I thought about taping it!  I had seen a few pins of tables being embellished with washi tape (Japanese rice paper tape) in these bright colors and patterns, but in my experience with washi tape, it's not strong enough to adhere well to a table that three little ones will be using.
So when I saw the new "designer" Duck Tapes (I know it's "duct" tape, but these are the Duck brand tapes) at WalMart I knew that's what I was going to do!!

 So the Lack Table was $7.99, and the Duck Tape is $3.50, so I made this cute table for $12!  And if you didn't know that I used Duck Tape, you would never think that's what it was! 
So all I did was taped stripes on the tabletop, and tried to space them evenly.  I just wrapped the tape underneath the sides, except when the stripe would run down the leg, and I just cut it straight across with my scissors.
Couldn't be much easier, and the tape is nice and durable.  And there are soooo many different colors and patterns of the new Duck Tape that you could really make it look cute mixing patterns!  I am so pleased with it, and it adds a lot of flair to my boring little table!
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    1. Thank you! It actually turned out even better than I was hoping! I love it!


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