Monday, January 14, 2013

Daddy Diaper Duty Kit

My brother, Ramsey, and his wife Beth are expecting their first child in just a couple of weeks (!!!!!!).  This past weekend my Dad threw a "man shower" for my brother to celebrate his impending fatherhood.  Since this shower is specifically for the Daddy, and Mama Beth has gotten bunches of fun things for her and baby Sally Kate at her other baby showers, I wanted to send a gift with Scott that was for the baby, but fun for Ramsey too.
I had seen lots of "Daddy Doody" kits on Pinterest, and thought that would be the perfect gift!  So I assembled one for my brother, omitting some items in other kits, and adding some items that I thought were funny.  So here's what I came up with:

The Daddy Diaper Duty Kit

I also typed up an "inventory sheet," explaining each item in the kit...

Included in the Daddy Diaper Duty Kit:

1. Diapers- obivously
2. Wipes- try not to use the whole pack in the first diaper change
3. Diaper Cream- again, try not to use the entire tube in the first change
4. Drop Cloth- to cover the floor and furniture in case of a major malfunction
5. Plastic Gloves- hand protection
6. Face mask- to enable proper breathing during particularly stinky changes
7. Goggles- eye protection
8. Tongs- to properly dispose of dirty diapers
9. Trash bag- dirty diaper receptacle
10. Poncho- clothing and body protection
11. Pacifiers- to keep baby quiet
12. Rattle- to keep baby occupied
13. Cold compress- to apply to daddy’s head in case fainting occurs after viewing/
smelling contents of dirty diaper
14. Bottle of alcohol- can be used before changing for courage to attempt change, or
after change as a reward for changing (I swapped the wine in the picture out for Jack Daniels for my brother :))
15. Candy (not pictured)- to keep Daddy’s blood sugar up during changing to prevent fainting

...and a cute little poem to go along with it. 

To Ramsey, the Daddy-to-Be:

Sweet Sally Kate will be here soon,
Her due date’s coming near,
It also means a day will come
That most all daddy’s fear.
Mama Beth may be asleep,
or has run out to the store.
But Sally Kate will need a change
and one you can’t ignore.
She’ll get upset and start to cry,
She’ll turn from sweet to moody.
And then you’ll get the whiff of STANK
And you’ll be on diaper duty.
So we’ve assembled a kit, just for you,
Full of what you’ll need,
To successfully change the yuckiest diaper,
Whether she’s pooped or peed.
Inside the box you’ll find a stash
Of tools you’ll probably know.
And with some practice, soon you’ll be
A diaper changing pro.
So keep it handy, by your side,
Whether you’re alone or not.
And for Beth’s sake, please change more diapers
Than my husband, Scott.

You can find my PDFs of the poem and the kit on Scribd, and download them for free if you'd like to use them yourself!  Find them here and here (I tried to embed them in the post, but it wasn't working, so you can check it out for yourself!).
I hope Daddy Ramsey gets some good use out of the Daddy Diaper Duty Kit once Miss Sally Kate arrives!!
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  1. Thank You. I Did borrow your poem and changed it a bit. Thank You for the Idea :)


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