Monday, January 21, 2013

4 Months Old

My sweet little baby boy is 4 months old.
It's getting to that point where it's kind of hard to remember those first few weeks when we came home from the hospital with him.  Which makes me a little sad.
But how can I be sad when this precious little face lights up when he sees me?
Oh yeah, he loves his mama.  And I love that. :)
So here's the stats on Mr. Ben, age 4 months:
Weight: 16 pounds
Clothing: 6-9 months!  This tall little baby boy is wearing 9 month jammies!
Diapers: Usually size 2, but size 3's will be coming soon
Sleeps about 11 hours at night!!!  Whoo hoo!!!  Bennett goes to bed at the same time as his sisters, somewhere between 7:00-8:00.  Right now he is still falling asleep in his rocker and then I move him to his crib when I go to bed, though that will change before too much longer.
He is still breastfeeding, and eating about 8 ounces 5 times a day!  The boy can eat.  Plus, we will probably be starting solids soon!  Bring on the cheeseburgers!
Ben is rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy!
He is ALLLLLL about his hands.  Constantly looking at them, in his mouth, reaching out for his toys, grabbing onto Mommy's hair (ouch), etc.  It's fun to watch him as he seems so amazed by them.
He had a wonderful first Christmas and New Years.  It was amazing to watch all three of our children enjoy the magic of the holidays.  We had a very quiet Christmas and New Years, and it was WONDERFUL.
Bennett has been jumping and playing like craaazy in his Johnny Jump Up and Jumperoo!!  And as a matter of fact, he would much rather be in his bumbo or jumperoo than his rocker now.  He likes to be up and able to look around, and since his head is as steady as a rock, he's able to!  When he starts to fuss, though, it's either mama cuddle time or nap time. :)
And Bennett also loves bouncing on Mommy's lap and laughing at Daddy's silly faces.  His laugh is completely contagious, and gets his sisters laughing too.  And oh, he completely loves them too.  It melts my heart when he looks at them with such large, bright, happy eyes.  They love him so much and he is amazed by them. 
So my boy is 1/3 of the way through his first year, which  Sloooooow down time.  This is the last time I'll have a 4 month old, and I want to savor every moment. 
Which is a piece of cake when you have a beautiful, ray of sunshine like my little Ben to share those moments with.
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  1. he is such a beautiful (handsome ;)) baby!!! i can NOT believe he is already four months old!!! i thought time went even faster w/ #2 than w/#1 - does it feel like it's flying w/#3??
    i think that the 4-7month stage is one of my favorite stages of all! enjoy that sweet baby boy!!!

    1. Thanks Amy! It is defintely flying. It is wonderful because he is so intersted and captivated by everything all around him right now, and it's so amazing to watch. But, it makes me so sad too, because he's not a little bitty baby anymore! He is such a wonderful baby, though, and I am trying to enjoy every moment! :)


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