Tuesday, January 15, 2013

100 Things To Do This Winter

You know I love a good bucket list.  And more than that, I just like to have ideas for fun things to do on hand, so that if we have some down time, or feel like we're stuck in a rut, I can have a fun activity ready to go. 
Honest to Nod is the Land of Nod's awesome blog (Land of Nod is the amazing children's version of Crate & Barrel, if you have been living on Mars recently, or something), and they came up with this great list of 100 Things To Do This Winter.  We will be referring to it frequently for the rest of the winter for some fun activities, some in the house and some out of the house, to celebrate the rest of the chilly season.  Some are not really applicable in our mild winter here in Georgia (we probably won't be painting in snow this year), but most are definitely do-able.
Download your own copy here and have a fun winter with your family!
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