Monday, December 3, 2012

Noodles Has Been Busy!

Our dear little Elf on the Shelf, Noodles, has been busy watching the kids and reporting all of his findings back to Santa Claus.  Here's a little update on the going-ons of Noodles. :)
Day 2
 After Noodles' first day with us (see his tea party here!), it seems that he was exhausted!  Getting back into the swing of things must be tough!  We found him sleeping late in Brantley's babydoll crib!  He even brought his own sleeping bag.  A good elf is always prepared.

Day 3
Noodles must've been feeling a bit lonely, because the next morning we found Noodles at the top of the playroom tree, getting to know our elf tree topper.  I think they're getting to be pretty good buddies!

Day 4
 The next day, Noodles brought the big girls a nice surprise!  He brought some plaster ornaments, some craft paint and paint brushes to decorate Christmas ornaments for their playroom tree!

They had a great time painting their ornaments!

Brantley kept telling Noodles "Thank You" over and over, she thought it was just great!

Day 5
 All those arts and crafts must've made Noodles hungry, because the next morning, we found him in the babydoll highchair in the playroom.  He had made himself a nice big plate of fried chicken, corn and peas!  Not to mention an enormous banana split and a glass of wine! Noodles must be over 21...

Day 6
 Noodles took it easy the next day and just chilled in Mom's stocking from the mantel.  He had a great view of the kids from there.

Day 7
Noodles made some more friends on Day 7, by driving the dollhouse family to school on the school bus scooter!  Not sure how safely he got there since he can't see very well over the handlebars...

Day 8
And this morning, here's how we found Noodles!  He is quite the social elf, making more new friends as he reads some of Brantley, Grayson and Bennett's animals a Winnie the Pooh book.  They seemed enthralled, they couldn't take their eyes off him!  He is very charming... :)
Stay tuned for more Noodles the Elf updates as we get closer to Christmas!  Lots more fun in store for the Luton kids!!!
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