Friday, December 7, 2012

Five on Friday: Reasons I'm Ready for This Weekend

I'm exhausted.  Does anyone else feel a bit overwhelmed by Christmas this year?  Maybe it's the new addition, the (awesome) Goat & Lulu orders, the pressure of Christmas shopping, etc. etc., but I need a break this weekend.  And here's why I'm looking forward to it.
1. Extra Set of Hands-
Scott is a big help with the kids on the weekends.  We can tag team and usually manage them all!
2. Neighborhood Christmas Party-
Tomorrow night is our neighborhood Christmas Party, and I am so excited!  We don't get out much, and all we have to do tomorrow is walk directly across the street to our neighbor's house!  And our awesome next door neighbors offered to go to the party for a bit and then come over to watch the kids so that we can stop by the party!  They are SO great!
3. Christmas Shopping-
I hope to at least get the majority of the rest of my shopping done, if not finish it all!  Of course, most of it will be done online...
4. Visiting Santa-
About the only thing we'll be leaving the house for this weekend is to take the kids to see Santa.  Brantley took her picture with him at school this year (and success!!), but the little ones haven't seen him yet.  And Ben has to get his picture taken with Santa for the first time!
5. I am going to veg on the sofa-
I don't have to get the kids up for school and they can stay in their jammies all day.  Relaxed!!
Hope you have lots of good, fun things on your calendar for this weekend! 
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