Friday, December 14, 2012

Five on Friday: My Wishist

So, maybe I am still a little kid and like to make my own Christmas lists. :)  Matter of fact, I pretty much keep a "Wants" list all year long, and just hand it out to those who ask for it around May 19th (my birthday, for those who may not know), and Christmastime. 
So here are the top five things I am hoping for this Christmas:
1. Monogram Necklace
Of course, I am always loving all things monogrammed.  I have seen these all over this year, and am dying for one.
2. Monogrammed Pullover
Pullover Sweatshirt, cute.  Monogrammed pullover sweatshirt, even cuter.  I need this to wear with my yoga pants on mornings when I can't get out of my pj's, but need to look/feel a little more pulled together!
3. Pandora Stackable Rings
I am a big fan of wearing gold and silver together, and love a mish-mash of stackable rings. 
 4. Bobbi Brown Palette
My makeup routine is about 45 seconds long.  This would be perfect.
5. I truly, more than anything, want my children to have a wonderful and memorable Christmas.  I want them to receive everything they want, and I want them to have a wonderful holiday season, filled with love, reverence, and cheer. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
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