Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

When I was a little girl. we used to buy an advent calendar every year.  The ones I loved were the ones with the chocolates that you popped out each day as you counted down to Christmas Day.
Last year, I made an advent calendar by painting the numbers 1-25 on small muslin bags and clothespinned them to a jute cord that we hung from the wall.  I filled each bag with something fun to do, and a little chocolate candy, as an ode to the chocolates in the advent calendars of my youth.
But this year, I wanted to do something a little different for the kids (by the way, I am still getting used to writing/saying kids, and not just girls!).  I found these cute cards via pinterest , printed them off and added one to each muslin bag.  I didn't want to just hang them on the jute line, like last year, so I found a cute little three foot tree from Wal Mart, placed it up on our sofa table, and clothespinned my cute muslin bags to branches, instead of string.
Each card has an experience or activity for the day, instead of just a candy treat, as a countdown to Christmas.  Lots of fun family things, like walk through a live nativity (done), write letters to Santa (done), and have a Christmas music dance party (done), and lots more festive things to come.  So not only do the kids have Noodles to look forward to seeing each morning, but Brantley loves to look in our Advent Tree Bag to see what fun Christmas activity we have for the day.
And not only does each little muslin bag have a card in it, but also a mini ornament for our advent tree!  So after the bag is taken down and the activity completed, we replace it with the mini ornament thst was inside the bag, as to not leave our little tree bare!
Here's a list of some of the things that we're doing this year (and some extras that'll have to wait til next year) to keep us in the holiday spirit as we count down to Christmas!
1. Go to a live nativity.
2. Write letteres to Santa
3. Have a Christmas music dance party
4. Breakfast for dinner
5. Make a Christmas craft as a family
6. Make hot chocolate
7. Donate a toy to charity
8. Read stories about Jesus
9. Have a Christmas movie night
10. Take a toy to charity
11. Decorate Christmas cookies
12. Make a homemade pizza
13. Take treats to a neighbor
14. Go see Christmas Lights
15. Make cookies for Santa
16. Take pictures by the tree
17. Create a holiday playlist
18. Make Christmas ornaments
19. Decorate a Gingerbread house
20. Visit a tree farm and cut down a Christmas tree
21. Take a polar express car ride
22. Read The Night Before Christmas
23. Buy special Christmas ornaments to commemorate something special from that year
24. Paint pottery
25. Go Christmas shopping as a family
26. Attend a Christmas service/play/ballet/concert
27. Have a sleepover/campout around the Christmas tree
28.  Go see Santa!
More great ideas here!  Hope you find some fun things to do this holiday season with your family!
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